Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Days 7-10

Sheesh, I am such a slacker! I really am. Granted there was some pretty tough things going on, all revolving M$$LA. Uggh, money money money. It does take money to eat healthier but I have ranted on this subject before on my other blog so I'll skip my bitching for now.
Right now I'm in the midst of trying to get last minute paperwork done for my entrance to the MSW program on Sept 28th! So exciting, yet so daunting. I am so very grateful for this opportunity yet many sacrifices have been made and not just by me. My WHOLE family is being affected as we had to move in with my parents to accomplish this. It is emotionally exhausting to lose our privacy not to mention "health" food is a dirty word here LOL. Although I have swayed my grandmother and sister Shanelle on certain things (Green smoothie awesomeness).
Let me confess my dietary sins, Days 7-10 have on the whole been pretty good. We took a family trip to Leavenworth a few days ago, and that was a humdinger, can we say cheese pasta? and DOUGH NUT? (But it came from such a cute lil shop!!!) Other than that, I consume my green juices, green smoothies and lots of fruits and vegetables and I'd say 80% vegan. NO meant, absolutely NO meat but have had some cheese. Ugh. Oh got to go for now, I will write more later but my lil man is staring at me having just woke up from a nap. Time to change his butt and feed him.

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