Sunday, June 12, 2011

Am I on Day 21?

21 days really? And not a single day at 100% raw. Sheesh. I saw a really great video today by Renegade Health Show Kevin Gianni about breastfeeding and going raw. I really love that show! So yesterday was REALLY good. I ate tons of raw and walked a total of 4 miles. However, yes there is always a HOWEVER. I hung out with my sisters and we went to see Super 8. Fabulous movie. I had about a cup of popcorn and then when we got back to Erika's house we were starving and instead of me eating more greens I had 3 slices of the pizza they ordered. I just plucked off the pepperoni. Blah. But I'm not getting down on myself, it happened and everyday I get a little closer (hopefully, ha ha) to saying "NO" to that nasty stuff (which did taste good). Even though I indulge in stuff like that, the majority of my day consists of green juice, green smoothies, salads and fruits along with all my supplements.
In other news, we were really counting on Oliver getting a job at my dad's work but that didn't pan out. It is very hard not to get frustrated as with that job we would have been able to move out of this house. Minor pity party going on... ok ok ok... I'm done.

Here are today's awesome foods:

Breakfast: 4 cups water, 2 cups green juice (cukes, green apples, kale and lemon)
Snack: Choc chip Larabar while I took a 15 minute walk with Connor
Snack/lunch: Cherry Choc Smoothie (Dark choc almond milk, raw almond butter, spinach, frozen cherries, cherry juice concentrate and raw hemp protein powder)

I'm out of stuff for salad, GRRR so I'm gonna have to get creative for the rest of the day.

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