Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 37 heck yeah

Yesterday was my first all raw day, sweet beans.

This is Jake eating my chia pudding breakast dish and some fresh banana and strawberry. It was delish. Connor was wondering where his was!

Today's Eats:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, half a personal watermelon (perfect)
25 min walk with Connor strapped in his carrier
Snack: Green juice (Kale, cucumber, green apple, orange and lime) roughly 1.5 cups
Lunch: Leftover collard wraps with sunflower seed pate, a cup of coconut milk (not raw but I don't care)
Snacks: Another half of personal watermelon, a few pieces of dark chocolate (vegan, not raw but I don't care) Raspberry smoothie( raw hemp protein, spinach, banana, agave, coconut milk)
20 mins kickboxing workout
Dinner: Half an avocado with some shredded coconut (not raw.....). I literally had to fight with Connor over this avocado, he won a couple bites. 2 cups of leftover green juice.

As of right now, I'm not physically hungry but I am mentally munchy. I just had to purchase to my Stats book and graphing calculator and had to revise the budget so I'm pretty grumpy considering I might also (prob will) have to pay to have another MMR for my MSW. I haven't even started the MSW and I'm broke. But blah, trying to vent out this frustration. Oliver's suggestion is Tequila. Hahahaha.

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