Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 33 recap

Breakfast: Chia mix cereal thingy (chia soaked in almond milk with raw honey and cinnamon), warm lemon water, probiotic

Snack: Strawberries

Workout: 1 hour Zumba/body sculpt. Loved it.

Lunch: (yikes) leftover vegan fried rice, grapes and some olive salad mix from Costco (so fatteningly yummy)

Dinner: This is all where it went off the charts in eating, Went to Caffe Dei with the sisters and their raw food prices are just a little bit much so I settled for the vegan grilled cheese (the Tree hugger) oh so delicious but it sent off the wanting more cooked food bells like nuts. Then I had half a vegan choc pb cup.

Snacks/more food: Then I went to Erika's house, I had 2 kombuchas (can we say "nirvana"), some animal crackers (no animal products involved)

We watched Dylan Dog (I'm pretty let down with that movie). Oliver came home and I made him a vegan grilled cheese with some curried lentil soup and of course I had the same. So my calories were OUT the roof.
OH well, I'm just happy it was all vegan. It is starting to feel the normal again, woot.

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