Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm moving right along and trying not to beat myself up for not having my ideal diet/exercise. I'm still coping with personal news and issues. I have to say one of the things that got me through were these lovely gentlemen below:

LOL. I <3 Supernatural but we just finished the last of season 6 the other night. *Sigh*. Stinks having to wait until Season 7 is out on DVD.

Anywhoo, the first picture was inspired off a pinterest idea about having a visual for my weight loss goals. I have been stalled at the 130/129 mark for some time now, I'm really wanting to move forward. So any inspiration/motivation is welcome. I have yet to move a pebble though. DOHH!

My eating has been on the whole pretty good if I stay away from my parents and sister's house. And once again, I'm usually doing great all day long but night time comes around and the kids are finally down and I go into munchy overload. I made up a big batch of chia pudding (chia seeds, unsweetened coconut kefir, some unsweetened coco milk, vanilla stevia and a dash of cinammon). Hopefully this sweet treat will help tonight.

I've been working out the last couple days with the aid of my huge dvd collection. Billy Blanks and Tracey Mallet have been working my butt out. I had to cancel my gym membership due to financial difficulties. :( Oh well. The upside is that Oliver has been working out as well, I'm really proud of him.

I started classes up again last night. Tuesday night is skills and Thursday night will be mental health assessment on adults. Yippee. I'm not stressing out too bad, I've had my T night class instructor for the prior 2 quarters so I know what to expect from her. Although we do have an exam this time. Hmmm.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am not sure what to blog about as there is so freaking much that has happened in the last week. Let's see, I've turned 29 (agghhhh!) and some information came out that has been exceedingly hard to deal with and it isn't my right to blog about what the details are. But that it is has shaken my very foundation and I've been forced to really take a deep long look at my life, my relationship, and where I see my future. I really can't believe that I'm 29. The kids keep growing. Jakey is 7 already!!! The baby is well still a baby but already, 13months old. The last time I wrote some journaling about my age was 25. I wrote it on myspace and I just read through it. Jess at 25 didn't see herself still struggling. There are tons of positive things that have happened and despite the bombshell of disturbing news, I wouldn't change it.

But I'm not going to let it keep me down or hold me back, I'm going to just keep swimming/chugging/trucking right along. I just finished my 2nd quarter, next week I start the 3rd quarter. On and on I go. I may have turned 29 but I was carded on Sunday when I went to see Safe House. Pretty darn sweet. Must be those Asian genes that help me look young. LOL.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Spring break

Connor has been battling the stomach flu since last Sunday. There has been a trip to the ER and lots of nasty bodily fluid. Oliver has succumbed and I'm fervently wishing that Jake will skate by. For a bit there I thought I was coming down with it *knock on wood* but I think that was lack of sleep so I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Today is my first day of Spring break. Woohoo x infinity.
I have not been to the gym in like 2 weeks due to family issues, sickness and last minute school work. So my goal is to work out, A LOT this break. We have family pictures scheduled at the end of this month and I have 15ish pounds left. hehe.

I have to be honest and I've added some animal protein back into our diet. I've been wanting to do a low carb approach and I have found it too difficult just on vegan fare. The only exception I have made for Connor is, which I've blogged about before, some good wild caught fish like Salmon. He loves it. For myself, I have allowed cage free, organic eggs and fish. Still have cheese here and there (this addiction is going to continue to take a while!).

Last weekend, we went to Wenatchee for Connor's birthday party with Oliver's side of the family and he had some regular cupcake and ice cream as there was no dairy free alternative. I'm not saying that caused the flu he then got immediately afterwards but well I don't know.. just.. but.

Back to the low carb approach, I feel it makes me feel more balanced and like I've mentioned before, I am vain and I'm willing to put some morals aside to lose this blasted weight. I still aspire towards veganism or some time of flexitarianism. Some ism ( a good ism?)  for sure, LOL.

My days look something like this:

Breakfast: lots of water, warm water with lemon, water with Chlorophyll drops and then 20-30 mins later 2 lightly fried eggs ( in coconut oil or vegan butter, or lately some organic cultured butter) and sauteed spinach or kale. And then another cup of raw greens like romaine or spinach.

Lunch: Salmon and greens

Dinner: this is usually where I break if I'm on the run and this past week I'm not even sure what I've had, its been crazy with Connor and school.

Snacks: Coconut kefir, pea protein powder, green powders, hot tea, unsweetened almond milk, low carb tortillas with raw almond butter