Thursday, June 23, 2011

Woo hoo, everything is starting to come together. I am down another 1.5 lbs. (Go , me!) Tuesday night I blogged about my cravings. Here is what I did: I drank a crap ton of water and then had a kiwi and went to bed shortly after putting Connor to bed. Boy did I wake up feeling triumphant! (and super hyper)
Yesterday's intake
Breakfast: Water, chlorella, a probiotic, a nectarine and a kiwi 
Snack: Mixed greens with 3 oz sprouted tofu (not raw), kombucha
Lunch: leftover smoothie, coconut water, mango, spinach and frozen raspberries
Dinner: Kale Avo Salad (kale, avo, evoo, garlic powder, kalamata olives, and tomatos)
Pre workout snack: Big spoonful of raw almond butter
Workout: 1 hour of Turbo Kickboxing with the sisters at the gym
Post workout: More Kale avo salad and tons of water, a banana slathered with raw almond butter and a drizzle of agave syrup. So perfect.

I have been feeling slightly headachey lately, but overall my energy levels are soaring. Oliver is reluctantly following suit, I have to give him credit for making better choices lately. : ) 

Ok all that happy stuff aside here is a brief rant! Last night I found my mom holding Connor with my father putting a mozzarella cheese stick in his mouth and he was happily gnoshing away. I've never struck my parents before (hehe pheww) but I slapped my dad's hand away like a mother scolding her toddler! I'm still fuming. And my sister Erika's response to the incident when I told her, "A kid needs to eat, and enjoy life." WTF? I am his mother and I asked to be respected in the choices I make for this kiddo. Oliver backs the decision for a vegan lifestyle for him 100%. I don't care if my family decides I'm kooky for the way I eat, or that they will never change their own lifestyle but dadgummit, (sp?) I plan on giving Connor a healthy headstart in life. My only solution for right now is if my parents can not commit to NOT feeding Connor sh..err I mean junk, then I can not ask them to babysit him. I have wrung promises from my grandmother and my sisters, although I'm shaky on trusting Erika.. and yes Erika if you are reading this (highly doubt), I need more reassurance!

On to today:


Breakfast: Water, probiotic and chia pudding/cereal mix (Chia soaked in almond milk, with raw honey, cinammon and banana)


I am so very happy to have this addition to our family. It seems time is flying by and I'm trying to enjoy every precious second. He is a joy and I'm truly thankful for him. I love you Connor!!!

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