Thursday, February 14, 2013

Major changes

Lots of changes going on here, some for the better, some for well... harder? I've noticed I haven't posted since November, really need to work on that motivation/dedication thing. I think I hold myself back because I'm embarrassed about my perceived lack of progress. Still riding the weight roller coaster. Still trying not to procrastinate about my papers, as one is due tomorrow by 9pm, 7 pages, haven't started. I made a killer nutritious smoothie though this morning as I allow Valentine's Day to propel me back to a healthful frame of mind instead of the downy dumps I'd like to revel in. So here it is, Valentine's Day... I'm about a month away from turning 30 and I'm once again a single mom. Everything happens for a reason, right? So here's to making 30 freaking OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Propel me to health Smoothie:

- Flax milk
-Flax seed
-Swiss chard
-Frozen mango
-Ormus supergreens

Once again Iris at 260 Days, No Repeats is hosting a Shabby Apple giveaway!
I have won a dress and they custom make their dresses to your specifications and it is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend checking out these links. Fabulous stuff for sure!!!! :)