Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 28 and 29

I hope everyone had a lovely Father's day. I took mine to see X-Men First Class. Supremely enjoyable movie. I managed (triumphed) to not have any tantalizing popcorn. Instead I brought along a bag of grapes. I walked out of that movie feeling so good about myself. The last 2 days have been pretty darn good, mostly raw. I'd say about 80%. And I'm feeling great, just really excited at the prospect of continuing this journey and seeing results. Its funny as I type this, my son Jacob asked if he could read this when I'm done. How cute. Today was a very long day that ended with Jake's soccer practice.

I have to pick up Oliver from work but I've promised myself that as soon as he gets home and baby Connor is snoring for the night I'm going to take the longest, hottest bath ever. It just sounds so so very inviting. I can't wait.

How to recount my nutritional yummies? I need to get better about blogging at the end of the night each day's worth of food.


Breakfast: Banana with raw almond butter (by far my favorite meal right now) and a cup of warm lemon water, chlorella tablets
Snack: Huge HUGE green salad with a kombucha
Lunch: Coconut water and some coconut bar thing I found at Top Food (not raw but only 2 ingredients coconut and rice syrup) and tons of water
Dinner: Guacamole and carrots, a cup of herbal tea and tons of water, oh and another kombucha
*Oh and guilty admission: I did have some salmon that my mom baked tonight, I honestly have not had meat of any kind in forever but something about the fish just called to me.*

Now that I'm reading, I noticed I haven't actually eaten much but I've been VERY thirsty today. It seems I just can't get enough water. No issues with breastmilk production so I'm not worried. Connor does have a runny nose so I'm not sure if that is linked with more raw in my diet or not, I will keep monitoring.

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