Friday, June 3, 2011

Contiuation of Day 12

So amidst the trying to pick up my slack on biology work and overburdening myself, my printer went kapoot in the middle of printing out my final lab. And I just don't have the energy to find a way around it, its Friday night, no one in my family has another printer. So I'm throwing in the towel, I've tallied my grade and without it being turned in I'll get a B. I'm cool with that, this class has nothing to do with my social work degree. 
On to food related stuff, Today I have had:
Breakfast: Green juice (Cukes, cilantro, green apple and ginger)
Lunch: Large mixed green salad with alfalfa sprouts,tahini and one Gardein "chiken" breast
Snack: Apricot and 1 banana blended with a cup of almond milk and Cinnamon
Dinner: Amy's veggie brown rice bowl with a little daiya cheese and hot sauce
Snack: 1 cheesy roll my mom brought into my room for my son to try and I'm the one who ended up snagging it. Curses!!!!

Only one slip up.. blllllarrrgggghhh. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend. I'm excited. Tomorrow will be the last day of Biology then I don't start Statistics until July 5th. Nice. Connor is just about to wake up from a nap. Time to bathe the stinker and give some attention to Jakey. I've been ranting at my computer and now broken printer for a while now LOL. Happy Friday everyone.

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