Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 34 and start of Day 35

The Taste of Tacoma was in town (big celebration of food). I have a few gripes about prices but all in all we had a good time. Dad, Shanelle, Jacob, Connor and I went.
Oh how to recount the pigoutedness (yes my word):
I had a small veggie egg roll (no egg despite the name), some curly fries (Jakey hogged them all), corn on the cob (NO BUTTER, and still delicious) and a strawberry cooler.
We listened to some bands sitting in the grass, it was very pleasant. Then Jake, Shanelle and I ambled over to the rides section. Bummer, for 18 bucks, we got to ride 1 ride and then Jake got to go down the big slide. Pretty disappointing but it was super rad riding a "big boy" ride with my son. Great experience.
As we were getting ready to leave I noticed the plethora of funnel cakes walking around and just HAD to have one. So somehow I convinced myself that there wasn't any animal products in it and I completely pigged out on one shared with Dad and Shanelle. Then I googled the ingredients and BAM, milk and eggs. DOH. Oh well. New day.

Starting with:
Breakfast: Carrot, lime and lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice with water, lots of water. Probiotic.
Snack: Smoothie (Greens, banana, frozen cherries, raw hemp protein, raw honey, almond milk and flax meal), multivitamin, DHA and D3.

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