Thursday, June 23, 2011

Updated Day 32

Today was jam packed full of errands, we ran to Top Food, then to Wal-Mart, then to Connor's 4 mth check up. They are scheduling him an ultrasound for that bump on his forehead we've been keeping an eye on. Doc is not sure what it is but I'm not too worried. He got some immunizations and the rest of the day was a little hard on him. His thigh is swollen and red and it took a lot (A LOT) of comforting to calm him down, plus an ice pack and some baby ibuprofen and a lot of nursing.
(oh and somewhere in there, I managed to make a Costco run, pheww I'm beat!)

The rest of the eats for today:

Snack: Coconut water and a kombucha and and half an Oskri coconut bar (not raw but too good to pass up)
Lunch: *Cringe a bit* Tofu fried rice (no egg). My stomach seriously felt super bloated after this, was not worth it, I ended really just wanting the mung bean sprouts and shredded cabbage on the side more.
Snack: More coconut water
Dinner: Has been a little bit of this, a little bit of that snacking: Grapes, strawberries and an olive salad mix (pickled, I'm pretty sure not raw but still healthy)

On to the fun part of today. Connor has officially cut a tooth, it is the top upper right tooth and I can feel the ridge poking out from the gum. He has been pretty crabby the last couple days. He is always grabbing our food and his interest is VERY high when people are eating around him. So Oliver and I decided to bust out the Baby Bullet and make him his very first meal.
I've done a lot of reading and I understand that more to the 5-6 mth range is ideal but his cues were really pushing us to reconsider.

Breast milk, a few small cubes of avocado and like 4 spinach leaves, plus a splash of coconut water

He liked it! We only gave him a few teaspoons full.

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