Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 30

Happy Summer everyone! It was beautiful here, actually warm. Our room is a bit muggy even with the window open. Does wonders for the soul, having the warm sunshine shining. :)


Breakfast: 4 cups water, chlorella tablets, probiotic and 2 cups green juice (cuke, apple, kale, lemon and lime)
Snack: Banana with raw almond butter, more and more water. Vitamin d3 and multivitamin
Lunch: Out to lunch with gram to a mexican restaurant. I ordered the housemade guac with carrots and celery. I did have a few tortilla chips with the green salsa. YUM
Snack: A coconut water, mango, frozen raspberries and spinach smoothie
Another snack: WATER!!! 2 cups of green juice made this morning
Dinner: Salad, kombucha and Kale chips
Snack: A choc chip cookie dough larabar. DOH I thought this was vegan and raw but turns out "may contain milk". Poo poo. 

I'm having major craving issues right now, slight headache but my skin looks really good. Oh oh oh oh.. somebody is cooking a pizza hot pocket and it is wafting through the house. I think I am mostly craving bread right now, ooo hot warm bread with butter.. Instead I'm gonna go drink more water, nurse Connor and put him to bed.

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