Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 26 and 27

Things like not being able to make noise early in the morning (blender, juicer) or having access to space in the refrigerator STINK! That is just a bit of the issues we are dealing with. We have the kiddos this weekend and the landlords were redoing the tub so we all had to be out of the house early Friday morning. We felt like refugees invading my sister's home. I kept the kiddos active and busy through the day, it was easy as it was nice, warm and sunny. We spent about 3 hours at Wright's Park. It was great fun! My eating took a nasty turn Friday night as I got really tired and being around the plethora of unhealthy choices in this house. I was really craving a piece of sourdough bread with a slice of cheddar cheese, which I mostly ate, save for the pieces I threw at the dogs outside who were begging. Around 10pm, I finally managed for it to be quiet time, Connor conked out and Hanna was also passed out. Oliver came home with beer, Cheetos (upon my damn traitorous request) and BBQ pork for him.
Lately Oliver's eating has been atrocious and he even admitted to feeling rebellious. *Yes I love how a type 1 diabetic wants to rebel against THEIR own damn health and well being.* He also hides a lot of the shh... err I mean crap he's been eating.
Then he tells me he hasn't been able to feel if he gets a cut at work until he sees the blood, can we say NEUROPATHY? So he told me he's ready to go 100%raw in the morning, that he just needs me to make everything for him and feed him. LMAO.
Here is today's food:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, chlorella tablets, a probiotic and a juice (Kale, cuke, apple and lime)
Snack: Raw broccoli slaw inspired from this lovely site 
Lunch: Mom had everyone over for Tacos, (which I've always been a big fan of) I had a huge green salad with goddess dressing, olives and tomatoes. 
Snack: Banana with raw almond butter

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