Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 38 and 39

Yesterday was pretty rad in food and exercise terms. Quick recap (down 2lbs)
I did 50 mins of turbo kickboxing! Then I came home and had some of Oliver's french fries DOHH but other than that my day was all vegan and high raw.
Here 's a list of things I may have that are not technically raw but I don't care:
Almond/coconut milk (usually buy the unsweetened version)
Vegan dark chocolate
Annie's Goddess dressing
Connor news:
He's been rolling for a while now, even rolled once or twice from his back to his front but yesterday he just "got it" and he's a rolling fiend. He can deftly roll from back to front in a second. He LOVES the mobility. 
He had an ultrasound yesterday for a bump on his nose area. It is called a hemangioma and now we have to go see an ENT specialist. I remember Jakey had one on his head but it was covered by his hair and it eventually went away. So phewww. No worries here.

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