Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 5 & 6

Busy weekend, I picked up the kids Friday night. Here's a quick recap of my nutritional yummies 
Breakfast: Green juice (Kale, celery, green apple, cucumber)
Lunch: 1 kiwi, 2 cups of collard greens rolled up with some hummus and artichoke tapenade 
Dinner: Romaine lettuce, bell pepper, alfalfa sprouts, tahini dressing, black olives, cucumber
Snacks: 2 kombuchas, 1 Green smoothie (banana, spinach, black cherry juice and almond milk)
I was really hungry at about midnight after nursing Connor so I had some plain popcorn (no oil or butter flavorings) It tasted HORRIBLE and I only ate about half a cup before guzzling water and going to bed

Today has been jam- packed with activities. Woke up to Connor's coos, got up fed the kiddos, got them all ready to go swimming, nursed Connor some more, then off to All-Star fitness for an hour and a half of water fun. I didn't swim much as the life guard pointed out I wasn't wearing an actual bathing suit ( I had like a nylon tank top thingy with shorts because I don't FIT into a bathing suit) DOH! 
Came home, made the kids lunch, did the dishes, nursed Connor, made myself something to eat and let Connor take a brief nap before packing the kids up and dashing out the door with Connor in his stroller for a 2 mile walk (round trip) to Wright's Park. I let the kiddos splash in the water park area (ok, they got SOAKED) and then they played on the toys while Connor and I basked in the sun. We stayed for about 2 hours. 
Back at home, nursed Connor who is now hitting at the keyboard as I'm trying to type this. Had the kids play on trampoline briefly then had them wash up and put on pjs for the night. It will be low key from here on out. Dinner up soon then movie time (Gnomeo and Juliet). 

Here's todays run down:
Breakfast: Smoothie (Kale, spinach, almond milk, hemp protein powder, mixed berries, banana) 

Lunch: Collard wraps with hummus and artichoke spread, 1 can of Amy's golden lentil soup (vegan) and 1 slice of whole grain bread with vegan butter

Snack: 1 Kashi granola bar

Dinner: Not sure yet but probably spinach salad with tahini and raw sesame seeds, then possibly fruit later as snack

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