Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 23- Feeling GREAT!

I'm feeling quite proud of myself at the moment. Last night Oliver came home with Pizza and candy. I didn't even feel a stirring at all for them and I tried not to nag him. Which is oddly a serious point I need to discuss because, and I love my man very much, he gets annoyed when I nag him to eat healthier and when I don't nag him he says he needs me to because he can't control himself. I can't win. So I'm letting go of trying to control what goes in his mouth and focus on myself. Because I can set a positive example to follow. I do make his breakfasts and his lunches so to some degree I do have control over what he eats.
Ok, on to my greatness. I finally broke the 150lb mark. I weighed in at 149. Last time I checked I was like 152 midweek last week so 3 lbs loss! Small steps, small steps but it makes me feel like buzzing around. My day starts with Connor, waking up to him either nuzzling to nurse or him "talking" or pooping. Sometimes all three at once. He is quite talented.
I'm always up way before the alarm at 8. Hop out of bed, try to down about 3-4 cups water, cajole Jacob out of bed to get dressed. Make his lunch, make sure he's wearing appropriate clothes. Then I start the dishes and prep for the morning juice. Time to check on Connor lying in bed with daddy. Then either strap him into the stroller or into his carrying backpack.. or if the weather is icky leave him with daddy. And we're out the door to walk to school. It is about a 1 mile roundtrip. Back home, tend to the baby. Make the juice. Clean up. Nurse the baby. Do the laundry. Attempt to get some tasks done like bill paying, revising the budget or recently working on a meal plan. Try to get a workout in.
I've always been the type to just throw something together or everyone fend for themselves (with the exceptions of the kiddos of course). But I really want to plan out some meals both for keeping on track and for our budget. Then the rest of my day is odds and ends cleaning, puttering and the BEST PART: PLAYING/CUDDLING/LOVING Connor.

Update 16:45- 
Breakfast: 3 cups water, chlorella tablets, 1 tbsp raw almond butter and 1 cup of dark choc almond milk
Snack: Grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange juice
Lunch: Shanelle, Erika, the kiddos and I were going to go to Quickies II (a vegan restaurant) but they were CLOSED. Bummer. So we ate Vietnamese. I had the Swimming Angel: Fried tofu in peanut sauce with steamed spinach and white rice. Vegan, at least.
Snack: Then we stopped off at a candy store (YIKES) and I asked about vegan options. I had 1 dark choc nut cluster
Dinner: I haven't had dinner yet as I just finished a 50 min yoga video and I'm still shaky but I'm thinking some leftover smoothie from yesterday and herbal tea and water for the rest of the night. My lunch was pretty heavy.

Exercise: Walked a total of 5 miles. Woot. And 50 mins of yoga. Go me!

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