Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of day 19 and lovely beginning of day 20

This post may take a while to write as I am typing this on my phone from bed,.connor is nursing himself into a nap. First off, I did fabulous yesterday, almost completely raw with exception of 3 flour tortillas and hummus. The tortillas were vegan woohoo. I had a lot of greens yesterday (arugula and spinach).
I walked about 3 miles total as well. Oliver brought home chips and candy last night, at least the chips were vegan. I snagged a few but they hurt my tummy. He also brought me a kombucha and coconut water so that deserves a thumbs up.
I have to remind myself of how good it feels when I eat this way, I may have been woken up several times during the night, but who is up bright and early with the baby making juice and doing laundry?? And in a good mood lol??
Todays lovelies thus far:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, 2 c green juice
Snack: kombucha

I plan on making a huge cherry hemp smoothie in a few mins.

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