Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 38 and 39

Yesterday was pretty rad in food and exercise terms. Quick recap (down 2lbs)
I did 50 mins of turbo kickboxing! Then I came home and had some of Oliver's french fries DOHH but other than that my day was all vegan and high raw.
Here 's a list of things I may have that are not technically raw but I don't care:
Almond/coconut milk (usually buy the unsweetened version)
Vegan dark chocolate
Annie's Goddess dressing
Connor news:
He's been rolling for a while now, even rolled once or twice from his back to his front but yesterday he just "got it" and he's a rolling fiend. He can deftly roll from back to front in a second. He LOVES the mobility. 
He had an ultrasound yesterday for a bump on his nose area. It is called a hemangioma and now we have to go see an ENT specialist. I remember Jakey had one on his head but it was covered by his hair and it eventually went away. So phewww. No worries here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 37 heck yeah

Yesterday was my first all raw day, sweet beans.

This is Jake eating my chia pudding breakast dish and some fresh banana and strawberry. It was delish. Connor was wondering where his was!

Today's Eats:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, half a personal watermelon (perfect)
25 min walk with Connor strapped in his carrier
Snack: Green juice (Kale, cucumber, green apple, orange and lime) roughly 1.5 cups
Lunch: Leftover collard wraps with sunflower seed pate, a cup of coconut milk (not raw but I don't care)
Snacks: Another half of personal watermelon, a few pieces of dark chocolate (vegan, not raw but I don't care) Raspberry smoothie( raw hemp protein, spinach, banana, agave, coconut milk)
20 mins kickboxing workout
Dinner: Half an avocado with some shredded coconut (not raw.....). I literally had to fight with Connor over this avocado, he won a couple bites. 2 cups of leftover green juice.

As of right now, I'm not physically hungry but I am mentally munchy. I just had to purchase to my Stats book and graphing calculator and had to revise the budget so I'm pretty grumpy considering I might also (prob will) have to pay to have another MMR for my MSW. I haven't even started the MSW and I'm broke. But blah, trying to vent out this frustration. Oliver's suggestion is Tequila. Hahahaha.

Monday, June 27, 2011

End of Day 35 and bright beginnings of 36

To sum up yesterday's food: Kashi Mayan bake, some cheese chipotle chips from Costco (DOH), a coconut water and instant mash potatoes with some shredded cheese (DANG IT, although if I would have had Daiya in the house I wouldn't have touched the real thing). I hard a very very hard time waking up this morning, pretty grouchy, especially when my son had a blowout in bed and I put my hand in a puddle of poo.

So far today:
Breakfast: Warm lemon water, more water, probiotic. Then a banana and a spoonful of raw almond butter before running to the grocery store
Snacky/Lunch: Kale Avo Salad and a kombucha
Snacks: Grape, a plum and some chia seed pudding mix (chia soaked in coconut milk, stevia, cinammon, unsweetened/unsulfured shredded coconut) with some diced banana
Dinner: Carrot, lime, and lemon juice roughly 2 cups
and these lovely collard wraps with sunflower seed pate and some diced avocado

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 34 and start of Day 35

The Taste of Tacoma was in town (big celebration of food). I have a few gripes about prices but all in all we had a good time. Dad, Shanelle, Jacob, Connor and I went.
Oh how to recount the pigoutedness (yes my word):
I had a small veggie egg roll (no egg despite the name), some curly fries (Jakey hogged them all), corn on the cob (NO BUTTER, and still delicious) and a strawberry cooler.
We listened to some bands sitting in the grass, it was very pleasant. Then Jake, Shanelle and I ambled over to the rides section. Bummer, for 18 bucks, we got to ride 1 ride and then Jake got to go down the big slide. Pretty disappointing but it was super rad riding a "big boy" ride with my son. Great experience.
As we were getting ready to leave I noticed the plethora of funnel cakes walking around and just HAD to have one. So somehow I convinced myself that there wasn't any animal products in it and I completely pigged out on one shared with Dad and Shanelle. Then I googled the ingredients and BAM, milk and eggs. DOH. Oh well. New day.

Starting with:
Breakfast: Carrot, lime and lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice with water, lots of water. Probiotic.
Snack: Smoothie (Greens, banana, frozen cherries, raw hemp protein, raw honey, almond milk and flax meal), multivitamin, DHA and D3.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 33 recap

Breakfast: Chia mix cereal thingy (chia soaked in almond milk with raw honey and cinnamon), warm lemon water, probiotic

Snack: Strawberries

Workout: 1 hour Zumba/body sculpt. Loved it.

Lunch: (yikes) leftover vegan fried rice, grapes and some olive salad mix from Costco (so fatteningly yummy)

Dinner: This is all where it went off the charts in eating, Went to Caffe Dei with the sisters and their raw food prices are just a little bit much so I settled for the vegan grilled cheese (the Tree hugger) oh so delicious but it sent off the wanting more cooked food bells like nuts. Then I had half a vegan choc pb cup.

Snacks/more food: Then I went to Erika's house, I had 2 kombuchas (can we say "nirvana"), some animal crackers (no animal products involved)

We watched Dylan Dog (I'm pretty let down with that movie). Oliver came home and I made him a vegan grilled cheese with some curried lentil soup and of course I had the same. So my calories were OUT the roof.
OH well, I'm just happy it was all vegan. It is starting to feel the normal again, woot.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another day 32 post...

"You love how eating fresh, natural, delicious, food makes you feel and look, but who has time for sprouting and dehydrating and taking up full-time residency in the kitchen? You're committed to healthful living and could stand to shed some pounds, but eat like a bird? Never! Food—hearty, flavorful, crave-worthy food—is to be savored and celebrated!"
This is copied from the Ginger is the New Pink blog which was taken from the Pure Market website who is offering a free giveaway. 

I am blogging about this lovely offer for a chance at snagging me some raw pie!

*fingers, eyes, ears, and toes crossed*

Updated Day 32

Today was jam packed full of errands, we ran to Top Food, then to Wal-Mart, then to Connor's 4 mth check up. They are scheduling him an ultrasound for that bump on his forehead we've been keeping an eye on. Doc is not sure what it is but I'm not too worried. He got some immunizations and the rest of the day was a little hard on him. His thigh is swollen and red and it took a lot (A LOT) of comforting to calm him down, plus an ice pack and some baby ibuprofen and a lot of nursing.
(oh and somewhere in there, I managed to make a Costco run, pheww I'm beat!)

The rest of the eats for today:

Snack: Coconut water and a kombucha and and half an Oskri coconut bar (not raw but too good to pass up)
Lunch: *Cringe a bit* Tofu fried rice (no egg). My stomach seriously felt super bloated after this, was not worth it, I ended really just wanting the mung bean sprouts and shredded cabbage on the side more.
Snack: More coconut water
Dinner: Has been a little bit of this, a little bit of that snacking: Grapes, strawberries and an olive salad mix (pickled, I'm pretty sure not raw but still healthy)

On to the fun part of today. Connor has officially cut a tooth, it is the top upper right tooth and I can feel the ridge poking out from the gum. He has been pretty crabby the last couple days. He is always grabbing our food and his interest is VERY high when people are eating around him. So Oliver and I decided to bust out the Baby Bullet and make him his very first meal.
I've done a lot of reading and I understand that more to the 5-6 mth range is ideal but his cues were really pushing us to reconsider.

Breast milk, a few small cubes of avocado and like 4 spinach leaves, plus a splash of coconut water

He liked it! We only gave him a few teaspoons full.

Woo hoo, everything is starting to come together. I am down another 1.5 lbs. (Go , me!) Tuesday night I blogged about my cravings. Here is what I did: I drank a crap ton of water and then had a kiwi and went to bed shortly after putting Connor to bed. Boy did I wake up feeling triumphant! (and super hyper)
Yesterday's intake
Breakfast: Water, chlorella, a probiotic, a nectarine and a kiwi 
Snack: Mixed greens with 3 oz sprouted tofu (not raw), kombucha
Lunch: leftover smoothie, coconut water, mango, spinach and frozen raspberries
Dinner: Kale Avo Salad (kale, avo, evoo, garlic powder, kalamata olives, and tomatos)
Pre workout snack: Big spoonful of raw almond butter
Workout: 1 hour of Turbo Kickboxing with the sisters at the gym
Post workout: More Kale avo salad and tons of water, a banana slathered with raw almond butter and a drizzle of agave syrup. So perfect.

I have been feeling slightly headachey lately, but overall my energy levels are soaring. Oliver is reluctantly following suit, I have to give him credit for making better choices lately. : ) 

Ok all that happy stuff aside here is a brief rant! Last night I found my mom holding Connor with my father putting a mozzarella cheese stick in his mouth and he was happily gnoshing away. I've never struck my parents before (hehe pheww) but I slapped my dad's hand away like a mother scolding her toddler! I'm still fuming. And my sister Erika's response to the incident when I told her, "A kid needs to eat, and enjoy life." WTF? I am his mother and I asked to be respected in the choices I make for this kiddo. Oliver backs the decision for a vegan lifestyle for him 100%. I don't care if my family decides I'm kooky for the way I eat, or that they will never change their own lifestyle but dadgummit, (sp?) I plan on giving Connor a healthy headstart in life. My only solution for right now is if my parents can not commit to NOT feeding Connor sh..err I mean junk, then I can not ask them to babysit him. I have wrung promises from my grandmother and my sisters, although I'm shaky on trusting Erika.. and yes Erika if you are reading this (highly doubt), I need more reassurance!

On to today:


Breakfast: Water, probiotic and chia pudding/cereal mix (Chia soaked in almond milk, with raw honey, cinammon and banana)


I am so very happy to have this addition to our family. It seems time is flying by and I'm trying to enjoy every precious second. He is a joy and I'm truly thankful for him. I love you Connor!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 30

Happy Summer everyone! It was beautiful here, actually warm. Our room is a bit muggy even with the window open. Does wonders for the soul, having the warm sunshine shining. :)


Breakfast: 4 cups water, chlorella tablets, probiotic and 2 cups green juice (cuke, apple, kale, lemon and lime)
Snack: Banana with raw almond butter, more and more water. Vitamin d3 and multivitamin
Lunch: Out to lunch with gram to a mexican restaurant. I ordered the housemade guac with carrots and celery. I did have a few tortilla chips with the green salsa. YUM
Snack: A coconut water, mango, frozen raspberries and spinach smoothie
Another snack: WATER!!! 2 cups of green juice made this morning
Dinner: Salad, kombucha and Kale chips
Snack: A choc chip cookie dough larabar. DOH I thought this was vegan and raw but turns out "may contain milk". Poo poo. 

I'm having major craving issues right now, slight headache but my skin looks really good. Oh oh oh oh.. somebody is cooking a pizza hot pocket and it is wafting through the house. I think I am mostly craving bread right now, ooo hot warm bread with butter.. Instead I'm gonna go drink more water, nurse Connor and put him to bed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 28 and 29

I hope everyone had a lovely Father's day. I took mine to see X-Men First Class. Supremely enjoyable movie. I managed (triumphed) to not have any tantalizing popcorn. Instead I brought along a bag of grapes. I walked out of that movie feeling so good about myself. The last 2 days have been pretty darn good, mostly raw. I'd say about 80%. And I'm feeling great, just really excited at the prospect of continuing this journey and seeing results. Its funny as I type this, my son Jacob asked if he could read this when I'm done. How cute. Today was a very long day that ended with Jake's soccer practice.

I have to pick up Oliver from work but I've promised myself that as soon as he gets home and baby Connor is snoring for the night I'm going to take the longest, hottest bath ever. It just sounds so so very inviting. I can't wait.

How to recount my nutritional yummies? I need to get better about blogging at the end of the night each day's worth of food.


Breakfast: Banana with raw almond butter (by far my favorite meal right now) and a cup of warm lemon water, chlorella tablets
Snack: Huge HUGE green salad with a kombucha
Lunch: Coconut water and some coconut bar thing I found at Top Food (not raw but only 2 ingredients coconut and rice syrup) and tons of water
Dinner: Guacamole and carrots, a cup of herbal tea and tons of water, oh and another kombucha
*Oh and guilty admission: I did have some salmon that my mom baked tonight, I honestly have not had meat of any kind in forever but something about the fish just called to me.*

Now that I'm reading, I noticed I haven't actually eaten much but I've been VERY thirsty today. It seems I just can't get enough water. No issues with breastmilk production so I'm not worried. Connor does have a runny nose so I'm not sure if that is linked with more raw in my diet or not, I will keep monitoring.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 26 and 27

Things like not being able to make noise early in the morning (blender, juicer) or having access to space in the refrigerator STINK! That is just a bit of the issues we are dealing with. We have the kiddos this weekend and the landlords were redoing the tub so we all had to be out of the house early Friday morning. We felt like refugees invading my sister's home. I kept the kiddos active and busy through the day, it was easy as it was nice, warm and sunny. We spent about 3 hours at Wright's Park. It was great fun! My eating took a nasty turn Friday night as I got really tired and being around the plethora of unhealthy choices in this house. I was really craving a piece of sourdough bread with a slice of cheddar cheese, which I mostly ate, save for the pieces I threw at the dogs outside who were begging. Around 10pm, I finally managed for it to be quiet time, Connor conked out and Hanna was also passed out. Oliver came home with beer, Cheetos (upon my damn traitorous request) and BBQ pork for him.
Lately Oliver's eating has been atrocious and he even admitted to feeling rebellious. *Yes I love how a type 1 diabetic wants to rebel against THEIR own damn health and well being.* He also hides a lot of the shh... err I mean crap he's been eating.
Then he tells me he hasn't been able to feel if he gets a cut at work until he sees the blood, can we say NEUROPATHY? So he told me he's ready to go 100%raw in the morning, that he just needs me to make everything for him and feed him. LMAO.
Here is today's food:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, chlorella tablets, a probiotic and a juice (Kale, cuke, apple and lime)
Snack: Raw broccoli slaw inspired from this lovely site 
Lunch: Mom had everyone over for Tacos, (which I've always been a big fan of) I had a huge green salad with goddess dressing, olives and tomatoes. 
Snack: Banana with raw almond butter

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 25- Awesomeness

Every day gets better and better. While still not a 100%, I think I am doing dang good. Good morning everyone, or hehe just me.

I totally jumped out of bed this morning at 7:30am. Connor was awake but usually cajole him into staying in bed until 8. But I was revving to go and craving a huge kale avo salad that I made yesterday.
Yesterday I took my sisters to the gym with me and we did an hour of Turbo Kickboxing. Talk about sweat! And almost passing out. That was tough and I really want to do it again, so we're gonna make that a Wednesday night girls night. Oliver has that night off work so that work outs beautifully.

So last night, after the workout I had a huge kale/hemp protein smoothie. But say around 10ish, I started to feel pretty darn hungry and everyone was heating up bad treats so I settled for a plain tortilla (vegan) and some daiya cheese to make a vegan cheese roll up. It was damn good and satisfying.

This day's eats:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, a probiotic, about 4 cups Kale massaged with Extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, half an avocado, and cayenne pepper. Also threw in some chopped green onions.

Snack: Half a Kombucha and 1 cup of carrot/ginger juice. Man did I make that gingery, had quite a kick.

We have a few errands to run today, and then WOOHOO We are going to pick up Hanna and Ollie and then Its my mom's Birthday. Yay Happy Birthday Mom.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 24- Yee haw

Today was Jake's last day of school. Yay, summer vacation. I'm super stoked about not having to get him up and ready in the morning. I had a meeting today at the unemployment office, so not fun. Then I went grocery shopping. I felt so baby deprived today, but boy was he happy to see me when I got home. That smiling face, melts my heart. It was good for him to have the day with daddy.

Here's my food intake thus far

Breakfast: 4 cup water, 1 cup almond milk with 1 tbsp chia seeds, cinammon and a lil stevia
Snack: 1 banana with some raw almond butter (what a delish meal)
Lunch: A pear and then some freaking fabulous kale avo salad inspired by Karen Knowler. 
I used almost a full head of Kale, 1 whole avocado, some sea salt (doh, I'm out of pink himaylan), some garlic powder, some nutritional yeast, and chopped green onions. 
And then I had an Amy's dairy/gluten free Mac and Cheese
Dinner: Will def be raw, because I feel really good and strong

Exercise: Only 1 mile walk so far but I'm trying to convince the old man to go swimming soon, we'll see. I'm beginning to hate Dead Space.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 23- Feeling GREAT!

I'm feeling quite proud of myself at the moment. Last night Oliver came home with Pizza and candy. I didn't even feel a stirring at all for them and I tried not to nag him. Which is oddly a serious point I need to discuss because, and I love my man very much, he gets annoyed when I nag him to eat healthier and when I don't nag him he says he needs me to because he can't control himself. I can't win. So I'm letting go of trying to control what goes in his mouth and focus on myself. Because I can set a positive example to follow. I do make his breakfasts and his lunches so to some degree I do have control over what he eats.
Ok, on to my greatness. I finally broke the 150lb mark. I weighed in at 149. Last time I checked I was like 152 midweek last week so 3 lbs loss! Small steps, small steps but it makes me feel like buzzing around. My day starts with Connor, waking up to him either nuzzling to nurse or him "talking" or pooping. Sometimes all three at once. He is quite talented.
I'm always up way before the alarm at 8. Hop out of bed, try to down about 3-4 cups water, cajole Jacob out of bed to get dressed. Make his lunch, make sure he's wearing appropriate clothes. Then I start the dishes and prep for the morning juice. Time to check on Connor lying in bed with daddy. Then either strap him into the stroller or into his carrying backpack.. or if the weather is icky leave him with daddy. And we're out the door to walk to school. It is about a 1 mile roundtrip. Back home, tend to the baby. Make the juice. Clean up. Nurse the baby. Do the laundry. Attempt to get some tasks done like bill paying, revising the budget or recently working on a meal plan. Try to get a workout in.
I've always been the type to just throw something together or everyone fend for themselves (with the exceptions of the kiddos of course). But I really want to plan out some meals both for keeping on track and for our budget. Then the rest of my day is odds and ends cleaning, puttering and the BEST PART: PLAYING/CUDDLING/LOVING Connor.

Update 16:45- 
Breakfast: 3 cups water, chlorella tablets, 1 tbsp raw almond butter and 1 cup of dark choc almond milk
Snack: Grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange juice
Lunch: Shanelle, Erika, the kiddos and I were going to go to Quickies II (a vegan restaurant) but they were CLOSED. Bummer. So we ate Vietnamese. I had the Swimming Angel: Fried tofu in peanut sauce with steamed spinach and white rice. Vegan, at least.
Snack: Then we stopped off at a candy store (YIKES) and I asked about vegan options. I had 1 dark choc nut cluster
Dinner: I haven't had dinner yet as I just finished a 50 min yoga video and I'm still shaky but I'm thinking some leftover smoothie from yesterday and herbal tea and water for the rest of the night. My lunch was pretty heavy.

Exercise: Walked a total of 5 miles. Woot. And 50 mins of yoga. Go me!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 22- Feeling proud

I was almost ALL raw yesterday and definitely 100% vegan! My allowances are using store bought almond milk as it is way cheaper and easier, although I would eventually like to make my own almond milk so I know that it is raw. I drank tons of water yesterday and there didn't seem to be any change in my breast milk production. I did feel a little bit dizzy and headachey yesterday early evening and I caved at about 9:30 after Connor had gone to bed and had 2 Kashi Dark Choc oatmeal cookies. I woke up ravenous this morning so instead of starting with a green juice I had some of my soaked oat groat with a teeny bit of agave, raw almond butter and more almond milk on it to thin it out, so it was like a thin oatmeal. So so so satisfying. Oh and I had my probiotic. Jacob was sick during the night, throwing up several times so between Conner's feedings and Jake's issues, I'm a little worn out. I would like to get in a P90x workout today sometime. Fingers crossed! Jake and Connor are laying on the floor holding hands, its ridiculously cute.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Am I on Day 21?

21 days really? And not a single day at 100% raw. Sheesh. I saw a really great video today by Renegade Health Show Kevin Gianni about breastfeeding and going raw. I really love that show! So yesterday was REALLY good. I ate tons of raw and walked a total of 4 miles. However, yes there is always a HOWEVER. I hung out with my sisters and we went to see Super 8. Fabulous movie. I had about a cup of popcorn and then when we got back to Erika's house we were starving and instead of me eating more greens I had 3 slices of the pizza they ordered. I just plucked off the pepperoni. Blah. But I'm not getting down on myself, it happened and everyday I get a little closer (hopefully, ha ha) to saying "NO" to that nasty stuff (which did taste good). Even though I indulge in stuff like that, the majority of my day consists of green juice, green smoothies, salads and fruits along with all my supplements.
In other news, we were really counting on Oliver getting a job at my dad's work but that didn't pan out. It is very hard not to get frustrated as with that job we would have been able to move out of this house. Minor pity party going on... ok ok ok... I'm done.

Here are today's awesome foods:

Breakfast: 4 cups water, 2 cups green juice (cukes, green apples, kale and lemon)
Snack: Choc chip Larabar while I took a 15 minute walk with Connor
Snack/lunch: Cherry Choc Smoothie (Dark choc almond milk, raw almond butter, spinach, frozen cherries, cherry juice concentrate and raw hemp protein powder)

I'm out of stuff for salad, GRRR so I'm gonna have to get creative for the rest of the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of day 19 and lovely beginning of day 20

This post may take a while to write as I am typing this on my phone from bed,.connor is nursing himself into a nap. First off, I did fabulous yesterday, almost completely raw with exception of 3 flour tortillas and hummus. The tortillas were vegan woohoo. I had a lot of greens yesterday (arugula and spinach).
I walked about 3 miles total as well. Oliver brought home chips and candy last night, at least the chips were vegan. I snagged a few but they hurt my tummy. He also brought me a kombucha and coconut water so that deserves a thumbs up.
I have to remind myself of how good it feels when I eat this way, I may have been woken up several times during the night, but who is up bright and early with the baby making juice and doing laundry?? And in a good mood lol??
Todays lovelies thus far:
Breakfast: 4 cups water, 2 c green juice
Snack: kombucha

I plan on making a huge cherry hemp smoothie in a few mins.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 14-19

Wow, time sure does fly by. I can honestly say my day is about 80% vegan and half of that is raw. Night time is my vulnerable time and I'm usually having some cheesy snack. I woke up this morning (really early 4:30, Thank you Connorbaby) and decided to attempt 100% raw again. I've got to keep trying. I've got to set an example, because Oliver is having issues even trying to go vegetarian.

I've got to cut this short because its hard to type with a wiggly baby in your lap. The above pic is of green leafies, alfalfa sprouts and a Gardein vegan "chicken" breast. A little tahini was poured on, a very VERY satisfying meal.

So far today I've had:

Breakfast: 4 cups of water, one nectarine. 30 mins later: Half a personal watermelon. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 13- Feel good sunshiny day

Out of the house early on at 8am to stop by and pick up bananas for my final Biology class. I had a Kombucha, about a cup of strawberries and a 1/4 cup of my oatmeal ( I soaked oat groats for a few hours and then blended with banana, Cinnamon, vanilla almond milk and raw honey). There is a lot of inconsistent information on the internet about how many calories are actually in the oats and if they are raw. All I know is I have Bob's Red Mill oat groats, and I'm not cooking them and they are the whole oat. Super delish oatmeal though. I suppose I could email the company and ask them.

Every morning I wake up and I tell myself "I'm going to be 100% raw today!" And I'm not sure how to make myself stick to that. There is so much temptation in this house not to mention almost purposeful sabotage by family members. Ok maybe not that but feels that way.

I know I need to make a drastic change if I want to see a reduction in my weight, I'm constantly hovering between 151 and 155. EEEKS and yucky. I know I just had a baby 3 months ago. I know it took 9 months to put it on and I should expect 9 months to get it off but its hot outside and I want to wear shorts dang it. In fact, I want to wear other pants besides stretchy sweat pants!

Another issue I need to tackle is emotional eating. Really asking myself if I am really hungry or just eating out of boredom or stress. The latter is a big issue for me. Its stressful living here, constantly tiptoeing around everyone else and their moods and feeling like a burden. I know my parents want to help and they are but who wants to live with their 28 year old daughter, her boyfriend, their 2 grandsons, and my mom's mom AND every other weekend my boyfriends other 2 children?

Everyday I look at our budget and say "Gee, we could afford a small 1 bedroom if we really buckled down and made some cuts." But my unemployment is set to run out in the end of August and I start my MSW in September. We can't support ourselves just on my boyfriend's income. I could go back to work and do my master's but then who would we have watch Connor. It would cost a ridiculous amount of money for daycare and I DON'T EVER want to have to use daycare. I've worked that job! No way, no how. I'm not leaving my baby with strangers.

And if it somehow worked out and my mom, dad, sister and grandma could handle it (which is slim to none chance) he wouldn't receive the care we want. We want him to grow up vegan from the get-go and when he's older he can make his own dietary choice. No way no how would that happen. As soon as I stepped out the front door my mom would be giving him ice-cream. But I digress, somehow this post has turned into a rant.

I struggle with the inability to even think of leaving Connor but at the sacrifice of living here. He's my last baby, I'm his mother I need to be home with him and yet I feel guilty for not picking up more slack and earning money.

I need to snuggle Connor now and focus on how lucky I am to be able to do that. I'm going to kick butt at this Master's program and snag an awesome job that will make everyone proud and get my family into our own home.

Today's food run down:
Breakfast: Kombucha, strawberries, my oatmeal mix and a banana
Snack: Organic fruit leather, half an avocado
Lunch: 1 gardein "chicken" breast with 1/4c of melted Daiya
Snack: Will be fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
Dinner: Either green smoothie or salad with gardein "chicken" 

My supplements today: multivitamin, D3, chlorella, and DHA

Friday, June 3, 2011

Contiuation of Day 12

So amidst the trying to pick up my slack on biology work and overburdening myself, my printer went kapoot in the middle of printing out my final lab. And I just don't have the energy to find a way around it, its Friday night, no one in my family has another printer. So I'm throwing in the towel, I've tallied my grade and without it being turned in I'll get a B. I'm cool with that, this class has nothing to do with my social work degree. 
On to food related stuff, Today I have had:
Breakfast: Green juice (Cukes, cilantro, green apple and ginger)
Lunch: Large mixed green salad with alfalfa sprouts,tahini and one Gardein "chiken" breast
Snack: Apricot and 1 banana blended with a cup of almond milk and Cinnamon
Dinner: Amy's veggie brown rice bowl with a little daiya cheese and hot sauce
Snack: 1 cheesy roll my mom brought into my room for my son to try and I'm the one who ended up snagging it. Curses!!!!

Only one slip up.. blllllarrrgggghhh. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend. I'm excited. Tomorrow will be the last day of Biology then I don't start Statistics until July 5th. Nice. Connor is just about to wake up from a nap. Time to bathe the stinker and give some attention to Jakey. I've been ranting at my computer and now broken printer for a while now LOL. Happy Friday everyone.

Days 11 and partial 12

I really want more time to write something more in depth, I want to discuss current barriers to staying on track but that will have to wait for later. Currently I'm sipping on  a green juice (Cilantro cucumber ginger and green apple) and listening to Connor toot in bed. I have to take my gram to run some errands and I desperately need a few hours to focus on doing some Biology work (tomorrow is my last class and final presentation) and some more organization on MSW stuff not to mention our room is a disaster area and laundry is lagging... ughhhh. I'm aiming for 100% raw today!!!! More to come later (hopefully).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Days 7-10

Sheesh, I am such a slacker! I really am. Granted there was some pretty tough things going on, all revolving M$$LA. Uggh, money money money. It does take money to eat healthier but I have ranted on this subject before on my other blog so I'll skip my bitching for now.
Right now I'm in the midst of trying to get last minute paperwork done for my entrance to the MSW program on Sept 28th! So exciting, yet so daunting. I am so very grateful for this opportunity yet many sacrifices have been made and not just by me. My WHOLE family is being affected as we had to move in with my parents to accomplish this. It is emotionally exhausting to lose our privacy not to mention "health" food is a dirty word here LOL. Although I have swayed my grandmother and sister Shanelle on certain things (Green smoothie awesomeness).
Let me confess my dietary sins, Days 7-10 have on the whole been pretty good. We took a family trip to Leavenworth a few days ago, and that was a humdinger, can we say cheese pasta? and DOUGH NUT? (But it came from such a cute lil shop!!!) Other than that, I consume my green juices, green smoothies and lots of fruits and vegetables and I'd say 80% vegan. NO meant, absolutely NO meat but have had some cheese. Ugh. Oh got to go for now, I will write more later but my lil man is staring at me having just woke up from a nap. Time to change his butt and feed him.