Monday, May 20, 2013

Bout time...and setting myself on fire

Its about time I got back to blogging. It has been quite a while, with once again a LOT of changes. I'm back together with my handsome man, working things out. We are not vegan anymore, although in the back of my mind I would like to get back there. I feel very well balanced with the addition of eggs. Loving them with greens and coconut oil. OH yes. I eat meat here and there but I never buy it for the house unless I get the nitrate free/organic chicken (or maybe its turkey) hot dogs that the kids like. I still drink my juices and tons of green protein smoothies, and there is always an abundance of fruit to munch on. Although I've been aiming at reducing my sugar intake and opting for banana-less smoothies. I like to add stevia. And I drink gallons of lemon water and green tea. 
A few weeks ago I did a 4 day juice feast (Evolution fresh pressed) and I felt AMAZING and it was wonderful watching the scale go down daily but well... that ended. Budget is always a factor. Olive
r did it too and his BS was awesome. 
Let's see what else is new? Just navigating (surviving) school and mommyhood. Connor is growing up so fast. He's wearing big boy underwear right now, he's trucking right along with potty training.