Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 14-19

Wow, time sure does fly by. I can honestly say my day is about 80% vegan and half of that is raw. Night time is my vulnerable time and I'm usually having some cheesy snack. I woke up this morning (really early 4:30, Thank you Connorbaby) and decided to attempt 100% raw again. I've got to keep trying. I've got to set an example, because Oliver is having issues even trying to go vegetarian.

I've got to cut this short because its hard to type with a wiggly baby in your lap. The above pic is of green leafies, alfalfa sprouts and a Gardein vegan "chicken" breast. A little tahini was poured on, a very VERY satisfying meal.

So far today I've had:

Breakfast: 4 cups of water, one nectarine. 30 mins later: Half a personal watermelon. 

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