Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Broccoli and more broccoli

Oh broccoli, how I love you. Steamed with coconut oil and nutritional yeast. Yum, yum, in my tum. It was difficult to not open this blog post up with all the negative issues going on right now, but I felt that would just cause me to continue to focus on the negative and really I like being an optimistic person. This morning has felt like the universe was against us but we shall persevere I tell you!!! Leaving this house today is going to take tremendous effort, I really REALLY don't want to be around people today. It could also be the fact I need to buckle down, ignore Connor's crying and pump out a 5 page paper by tomorrow, or not.

Normally with this much stress, any type of "diet" would have epically failed hours ago but not so with this low carb. That has to be a great sign!!! Before I know it I'm going to feel like this:

Cat on Red Dwarf: "Damn, I look good."

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