Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ramen and Rocky.

I just want to take a moment to curse whoever came up with the Rocky Road candybar and top ramen.  Ok. The loan has STILL not come in, leaving an overdrawn bank account and two very stressed out adults. I got 5 dollars in the mail yesterday for completing a census bureau survey and what did I end up buying? A candybar. Granted, I wouldn't have bought it, if Oliver's blood sugar wasn't low after work last night but I'm fully responsible for not just buying him something. I could have decided I didn't need it. So its about 10:45pm, we're finally home. I got the baby to bed. Hunkered down with my blasphemous candy bar and read the last 10 pages of the new Stephen King novel. And then promptly snuggled the baby and passed out. By the way, the book was phenomenal. I'm very satisfied with the ending.
I get up this morning and decide to nix going to the gym because the gas tank is low (pushing empty) and the loan has still not shown up in my sorry excuse of a bank account. I juiced about 12 apples today and have had some but I just reached a breaking point and reached for the freaking top ramen. Connor has kept me on my toes, hopping all morning. I just managed to get him to take a nap and all I could think about was sitting down with a warm bowl of comfort. 2 packages ramen (no seasoning packet), coconut oil, miso paste, and dried seaweed. I am weird.

I'm in a funk and I'm hoping the day gets better. I wanted to clean house and get some school work done but I have a feeling I may just stare at the computer.

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