Monday, January 23, 2012

My juice on crack...

I was going to attempt to title this blog "Day 1" but like Oliver loves to point out to me, it would be INSANE to keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Plus, I feel I might jinx myself. I got an awesome phone call yesterday from my bestest friend Ansley and she was looking into doing a juice feast (2 days) and was at the grocery store stocking up and wanted some recipe/motivational ideas. *Puffs up chest*. I have no medical/nutrition background. I just read a lot and experiment on myself. But I felt really good that she called to ask that advice. One day I dream of incorporating my impending (2.5 more years left!) Masters in Social work with some type of holistic healing center and somewhere along the line I will pick up a nutrition degree as well.

Patterns. I have some serious patterns going on. I'm great with starting my day with juice, in fact I wake up CRAVING my juice and can not imagine any other breakfast. I'm pretty darn good with juice for snacks and lunch.. and possibly dinner but the night time is KILLING ME. Also my parent's house kills me. And its not all vegan. I try (really hard) to make it vegan but that's not always available. Enter: Top Ramen minus the flavoring pack and vegan Earth Balance butter and some garlic powder. Dear Sweet me. Throw in an awesome bowl I got for Xmas and chopsticks and I'm sold. I'm always eating after I put the baby to bed because a.) He's asleep!!!!! b.) I don't have to share, hahaha and c.) It's comforting.

Oliver comes home at 1030, he's playing his games on the comp and I'm wanting to snuggle down with Stephen King's 11/22/63. I know I should be snuggling down with my school work but but but but....

Ok and I'm waiting on a school loan to come in and money is tight so I'm a bit stressed so the last couple nights I've had Oliver bring me home some CANDYBARS! I'm talking Rocky Road and Hershey's cookies and cream. Agghhh blast!!!

Back to patterns, I eat (bad) because I'm stressed, bored, happy, needing comfort.... hmmm what is missing? OH! Because I'm hungry. I'm talking really physically hungry. Nope.

So with self awareness comes change right? My plan of attack? Breathing! Hmm.   Blogging. I will make myself blog through my junk food craving. Ok. I like that. I can do this!

Ok getting ready to go to Yoga with my sisters. Oh the juice on crack!! = Chard, apple, celery, hemp protein powder, MSM and Kyo-Green powder. Woowee.

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