Thursday, February 2, 2012

What every mother dreads...

The day your precious little baby learns to take of his own diaper! DOH! Ahhh little boys. Connor particularly liked playing in his huge puddle of pee.. Ok lovely image.. now on to some eats!

Yesterday was so so. I was scrambling like mad to start and finish a 5 page paper. I went over to my parents so that I could get some help with entertaining the boys. Took 4.5 hours but the paper is finished. Not spectacular work but hey I'm OK with that. I'm definitely not an overachiever this time around. Such a huge difference between my BA and now my MSW. I think having a family has something to do with it, or I'm getting old.. PROBABLY both.

I for sure went over my carb limit yesterday. Oh I think the amount of carbs I ate yesterday equaled about 3 days worth but oh well. I'm sure I read somewhere about carb loading?

Anywhoo, despite today's lovely stressors (diaper fiasco? sick boyfriend? tons of laundry? school work?) I feel pretty good about today's eats.

I've never been a conventional breakfast person, like for instance I have no problem with Mexican food or curry. I'm most fond, however, of a huge lovely green juice but since I'm doing the low carb thing that's not an option at the moment. Unless I drank straight kale juice. I'm brave and I freaking adore Kale but... that is a tad extreme even for me.

So I made a tofu smash for breakfast that Connor loved too. I smashed up some firm tofu with veganaise, pink Himalayan salt, Spike seasoning (hot kind but not too much of this), some fresh chopped cilantro, diced celery hearts ( I also freaking love these, so tender and flavorful) and then threw in some pepitas. I ate it with a few stalks of celery and a fork. So so so good. I will admit as well I had some fresh mozzarella in the fridge so I had a slice on the side. Darn dairy!!!!!

That meal held me over for HOURS! In fact I wasn't even hungry but I decided I should put something on my tummy. I made a protein drink. I blended unsweetened almond milk with hemp protein, chia seeds, unsweetened cocoa powder and then I added a little raw stevia. It was a gritty chocolate milk as I find hemp protein does not mix well with liquids. The flavor was doable. A banana would have been stellar but the carbs in that is outrageous. I think bananas are uber healthy and I'm not dismissing them forever.. just for now.. just until I can wear the rest of my pre-preg clothing.

Alrighty, Connor is done with his snack so time for me to stop ungushing my brain.

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