Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunny Friday Smegheads

Despite it being a bit chilly, the sun is gloriously shining. I made a yummy smoothie for breakfast this morning although I very much miss my green juices. It was:

-Frozen banana
-Frozen strawberries
-Hemp protein powder
-Kyo-green powder
-strawberry soy yogurt
-vanilla soymilk

Connor sat on the counter and helped me make it and then of course enjoyed a very generous serving himself. I'm off to Yoga soon and then have to buckle down and do some school work. My little "fog" seems to be passing although the loan HAS still not showed up and I'm having to borrow some money from my dad... BLAGGHHHHHH!!!!! I want to pick up Hanna and Ollie tonight. I miss them so much.

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