Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm breathing......

In, positive thoughts. Out, massive junk food cravings. Last night ended with Connor and I making another batch of banana muffins.
So yesterday after I found out school was canceled, what did we do? Loaded up in the car and went and got veggie pho. I had a large veggie tofu pho minus noodles. Plus 2 tofu spring rolls. I have to admit, even thought it wasn't juice it didn't feel like "cheating." I ate veggies for goodness sakes. And it was satisfyingly warm and I got to enjoy being out of the house.

Today I've had more massive amounts of juice: Honey tangerine/spinach and Carrot/lemon and some green juice (chard, apple, lemon, celery, cucumber) and a DELICIOUS golden tomato juice (straight ya'll) and I was positively vibrating with energy and then I made Connor his lunch and kerplunk! I ended up making the rest of us my nummers mashed taters (yukon gold, coconut oil, coconut kefir, onion powder, pinch of himalayan salt, and vegan earth balance butter).

I then proceeded to put Connor and myself down for a nap. I was out for the count!!! I woke up groggy and heavy feeling.

When I read through my blogs, and I know my goal is to do 100% juice, it kind of looks like failure but I'm going to take the optimistic/positive route and say it is a learning experience. I also have to allow myself some slack as I am still breastfeeding a hungry little beast angel full time.

I have not been to the gym since last Thursday and I'm so feeling it. My goal is to do a 20 minute workout through. Alright I stopped typing that and told Oliver "watch the baby" and I just completed Bodyrocks' Fat fighter workout:

I am so freaking proud of myself. That was HARD and I won't lie. I had to stop SEVERAL times, I may have only worked out for 12 minutes but I'm sweating and shaking right now... 10 minutes after doing it. I just chugged water and my food cravings have subsided. I rock.

Here's a little peek of our Snow adventure:

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