Monday, January 16, 2012

Good snowy morning....

Today is Day 1 (tee hee) all over again BUT.... with Oliver's support. He has committed to a 3 day juice feast. I'm freaking excited. I have 1 paper to finish, 1 critical thinking worksheet and 1 small 
presentation to come up with by tomorrow! I was on a roll yesterday but then I decided I could take a small break to play me some minecraft  clean house and never got back to the homework. DOH. Connor is tearing apart my quasi office/now non existent dining room so I have to make this quick.  So far I've had 16oz green juice (cukes, apple, chard, lemon) with Kyo green powder and lots of water. I've had my supplements (vegan b12, vegan DHA and Vitamin D2). Sipping on some green tea kombucha right now and gearing up for an hour of Yoga with the sisters at All star. Then it will be mad homework time.

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