Monday, January 30, 2012

In pursuit of.. success!!!

I don't need to harp on the fact that my loan has STILL not come in, instead I'm going to focus on this fabulous weekend. We had Hanna and Ollie over and spent a great Saturday at my nephew's 3rd birthday party at Odyssey. Then we hung out with my sister at her place until we had to pick up Oliver from work late that night. Then we had a great Sunday by going over to Oliver's parents home to have a  super fantastic lunch of make your own healthier pizzas.

Let me backtrack here, while Saturday was fabulously fun the food aspect wasn't so much. I was hungry. I didn't have the foresight to pack something for myself, not that there is much at home I want (LOL) so what is a hungry girl to do? Indulge in the pizza that every other adult is eating at the party. Granted, I pulled off the meat. And it did have some fresh veggies on it! I had like 3 pizzas, sharing the veggies and pineapple and bits of the crust with Connor. I made sure he had a huge lunch before going to the party. Then came the cake time (Costco, vanilla with buttercream). I felt like such a hypocrite for not being able to say "no" and when it was asked if Connor was allowed to have any, I caved. I felt like a weirdo/food police mom. I made sure to limit it to about 5 bites. But the price was paid later. He has been vegan since birth with occasionally a bite of something not, usually by my family. He was up all night nursing more than usual and with really painfully loud gas. And then Sunday morning, I saw he had some baby acne. He's never had that. So, there are consequences for raising a vegan child and then caving into the peer pressure of having him fit in. I need a good kick in the head. I have completely let my goals and desires (not eating animal products) float to the wayside in my own stressed out waiting on money mindset. I let my own weakness affect my decisions on what Connor can eat.

With all this juicing business, I love juices. Absolutely. Juices, juices, juices. I miss my juices. However, when you are out of produce, you are out of juices. I've been contemplating my whole obsession over my weight loss. And when I think back to when I had the easiest time losing weight it has to have been when I did the Atkins diet. (GASP). But I wanted to update it to NO MEAT or animal products. I did some searching and came across this "Eco-Atkins" which is low carb vegan. It will definitely be tricky but I'm giving it a shot. I have some tofu in the fridge and some raw almond butter which is pretty low carb and some hemp protein powder that is basically just fiber. So I am giving that a go today. I'm going to be fairly restrictive at 20 carbs per day and just see how this feels. If there's any changes in nursing I will stop.

My brain is just all over the place this morning and I have yet to lift a finger to any of my school work, I even have a paper due this Thursday. My procrastination has me in its stupid clutches! Connor is now telling me I've sat at the computer too long and I should come care for him... So let me end with some cute pics of the kids.

 Ollie and Hanna and the birthday boy Cody (3 years old now!)

 Awww brothers!

 Connor getting stuck before the party

Jakey and Benjamin

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