Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm so sore

I can't believe I am sore from a 12 minute workout by Bodyrock. Why why why would I pay for a gym membership and make time to get there and back and workout for an hour when my muscles are saying I did an hour workout? Anyways, driving is not an option until this ice/snow goes away. So I'm thrilled to have found something inspiring. The thought of bringing out one of my bajillion workout vids (at least 45 mins) and navigating the front room with Connor underfoot was not very pretty. BUT for 12 minutes, Jake or Oliver can distract him for me.

So last night we had family movie (Coneheads, LOL) and I was so darn snacky and even though I felt "strong" in my last blog post I consumed some curry lentil soup and some veggie chips. Now I have two options:
1. Be hard on myself and let the negative line of thinking commence and shame myself all day long
2. Have some forgiveness and continue in a positive manner more befitting of my nature

I believe I shall go with Numero Dos. And another day commences. My goals today are:

  • Vaccum, mop
  • Clean the bathroom
  • School work (specifically proposal and at least 2 pages of the Families paper)
  • Have fun with the kiddos!

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