Monday, August 1, 2011

Juicy goodness

Yesterday's Intake (July 31, 2011)
Breakfast: 16oz green juice--> Cucumber, green apple, celery and romaine. A probiotic and chlorella
Snack: 8 oz Kombucha ( Found a super great deal on the Wonder Drink Brand at Grocery outlet, about 77cents a can)
Lunch: About 10 oz carrot/lemon juice, 1 avocado, some more chlorella
Snack: Spirulina and some more carrot juice just a few ounces
Dinner: Some grape tomatoes and leftover green juice (about 8 oz)
Snack: Banana with cashew butter (not raw), multivitamin and Vit D
=1100 calories (Now I know this is a bit low so I'm going to incorporate more smoothies)

There were times during the day where I felt mentally hungry, not actually physically hungry as long as I anticipated it and had my juice before letting hunger get out of control. Overall, I felt the best I have felt. I felt super glowy (I know not a word but it was how I felt). I did get lethargic around 5ish and slept with Connor while nursing for about an hour. Then I continued the daily grind of working on Statistics hell. Around 11pm was particularly hard because Oliver gets home around that time and wants to eat, therefore I want to eat. The kiddos are sleeping and I have free time to watch mind numbing movies or such. I did have some trouble falling asleep, usually I'm out like a light by 11:15 but I stayed up until 1am.

This morning I'm noticeably "thinner" and I feel GREAT! Oliver made hash browns and the smell nearly drove me mad but then I looked at my waistline and decided it wasn't worth it.I will post my food journal later tonight. I have to take Oliver to work so I can take Jakey to soccer practice later. I'm excited about that because I'm going to bring Connor's backpack and walk around the track while he practices. So yay! Some EXERCISE!

I'm also drinking copious amounts of water. I haven't noticed any changes in breast milk and Connor doesn't seem affected. He's quite the happy boy. Here are some pics of his dinner last night.

 I made him Avocado, spinach, and apple yumminess.

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