Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4 and feeling STRONG

Ok so like I said yesterday it was pretty tough for both of us with the food cravings. We did allow ourselves to have a small dinner of miso soup (hot water and organic white miso paste). Still fluid, still low sugar and virtually no carbs.
I just need to rave about Oliver's blood sugar... freaking fantastic. Here is a breakdown. Now we're talking about a very brittle type 1 diabetic. I have to state also that normal blood sugar is in the 85 range. His norms were 200 and we thought a BS of 150 was GREAT.

Blood Sugar and Juice intake for August 16,2011
--Waking BS: 75
--Had 16 oz green juice BS: 110
--He took his 10 units of Lantus (long acting)
--16oz juice BS 125
--1 hour later checked it, BS 142 so took 2 units of Novolog (fast acting)
--He felt low around dinner so had 16 oz grapefruit/carrot juice
--He hit BS 200 so took 2 unit Novolog and it went back to normal within 15 mins
After work (roughly 1030p) BS: 119
Around midnight BS: 68 so he drank some almond milk and grapefruit juice

For August 17, 2011
--Waking BS: 110, he took his 10 units Lantus
--16 oz green juice BS 150 so took 2 units Novolog
--Had 12 oz raw green smoothie
--About 230p BS 94
--More green juice BS 111
--He felt low around 1030p so he rank some beet apple juice
--BS at 1130p 139 so took 2 units of Novolog

For August 18, 2011
--Waking BS 130, so he took 8 units Novolog
--18oz green juice, BS 20 mins later was 139 so he took 2 units Novolog

That is as far as we have gotten today. 
This doesn't seem to include all the green juice he does eat, he is getting roughly 72 oz green juice, maybe 12-16 oz raw almond milk, we did have some miso soup and he will have small amounts of fruit juice if low. 
How he feels? Let's just say this is a man (and I love him mucho) that does NOT like to get up in the morning. It is a major pain as he has to pull himself out of a fog (due to high blood sugar) and its literally like a "hangover" he says. He was up bright and early 730 chipper as can be!!! REALLLY!! I have to usually drag him out by 10:30-11 in the morning to help me get stuff done. He even fed Connor breakfast while I juiced. Amazing. Simple amazing. He also states that he  is not sweating like normal (due to high/low blood sugar) and On this Day 4, the cravings have lessened. Oh and get this? He did some push ups and sit ups this morning. Its like a brand new revitalized man. I am oh so happy. 

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