Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ick, making a bribe

Ok. On day 5, Oliver had to up one of his meds which in effect caused him to get really sick and his blood sugar to go very wacky. End of day 5. Oliver messaged me that he had pho. I broke almost immediately as I had been sitting at restaurants with my family all day. We had an EXTREMELY long Saturday as Jake was participating in a soccer jamboree. We had games at 8am, noon and 3pm. That night we went to Taco Time for dinner. I had a bean burrito minus cheese and some mexi fries. It hurt my stomach. Then for the next couple of days I did juice until dinner. But Oliver has been a pain in the rear not wanting to go back on it EVEN though his blood sugar was amazing and now he's having a heck of a time keeping it under control..I tried all my tactics, whining, cajoling, demanding.. etc. but I finally found what would work. He's been dying for a new comp processor and I told him if he did the feast for 2 weeks now that I would find the money in the budget for it. HEHEHEHEHE. Boy how fast he agreed! So starting tomorrow we start again. And btw, I had lost 5lbs when I did just 5 days of juicing.

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  1. Hi, I just saw your blog on Raw Food Rehab and I love it! You have lots of passion and I would love to read more of what you have to offer!
    I started a blog a week ago and I am still learning about Raw food and vegan! thanks for taking time to write and help all of us out there!!!