Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling all sorts of motivation...

I've been trying to compile a grocery list for this upcoming Monday's juice feast. It will feature Oliver on green juices (no fruit unless BS requires it) and I desperately need to dig out Gabriel Counsen's There is a Cure for Diabetes. I've been doing the math on all the veggies required and trying to map out where is the cheapest to obtain them. It'll be a combination of Costco, Fred Meyers and this little produce place by my parents house. Unfortunately the budget doesn't compensate for all of that. It goes over our budget just for Oliver's food. So I've been trying to conceive of ways to get around it. I want to make sure he is getting a good deal of calories but honestly without the addition of fruit he would literally have to eat pounds and pounds of juiced veggies. His juices I've decided will be:

Swiss chard

That still leaves groceries needing to be bought for me, Jacob, Ollie, Hanna and bubbababy. I've decided to do green juices but make sure Oliver is getting the bulk of it and I can add fruit for caloric needs. And I will be doing green smoothies, spinach and bananas are super cheap. Smoothies are more filling as well. I'm debating whether adding a modified smoothie to Oliver's intake, if it would benefit him. I would nix the banana and blend spinach, almond milk and a protein powder. Actually this sounds like a good idea. Anyone (haha I know no one reads this) have any advice? I think I'm going to try to find a forum on this. 

Today's eats:

Breakfast: Green juice (Cukes and golden delicious apples with lemon), Chlorella

Snack: Leftover golden delicious juice, Cal/Mag supplement

Lunch: Carrot/ tomato juice (First time I've juiced tomatoes and WOWSER it was super good) DHA and D2 supplement

Snack: Kombucha

Dinner: Green smoothie: (Banana, coconut milk, coconut oil, raw hemp protein powder, and tons of spring salad mix, Multivitamin

Snack: Home made raw almond milk
Total calories------>1226

How I feel: Good, I feel good. I have been reallly thirsty today. Such an odd feeling when I'm consuming all liquids.

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