Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 5-Me up, Oliver down...

I can't believe have survived (thrived) through 5 days of only liquids. Oliver's blood sugar continues to be super awesome, however his doctor upped him on one of his meds and its kicked his butt today. Its a  pretty tough day for him, couldn't even keep his juices down. I stopped at Marlene's to get him a ginger kombucha to help settled his stomach and it was walking through a plethora of raw/organic/healthy yummies. I bought Jake a small container of vegan asian noodles. but turns out it was too spicy for him so I told him to toss it out, initially, but then not wanting to waste them, I was like " I"ll eat em!" I literally stood there, fork in hand smelling the delicious aroma of vegan noodles and yelled to Oliver "I'm going to eat them!!!" Then it hit, the realization that we've come this far and I didn't want to muck it up. I threw them away and had some juice.
How I feel lately? I feel really good, hunger has really gone away as long as I keep up with my juices. My hair and skin feel softer, I'm pretty sure I've lost weight and just overall I feel energized. I even worked out yesterday (50 mins of Yoga). I'm pretty surprised I haven't had a huge detox. When we went raw couple years ago, our detox was HORRID. I was so sick. Yeah I've had bouts of a headache or feeling needy (for yummy vegan food)  but overall my energy level has skyrocketed.

Juice intake on August 18, 2011
- 16oz beets and beet green juice
-56oz (green apple, cuke, celery and lemon juice)
-1/2tbsp chia seeds in water
-1 can Amy and Brien's Coconut Juice 
-16 oz grape/lime juice (everyone should try this)
-16 oz warm miso broth
SUPPLEMENTS: Chlorella, cal/mag, multi, D2

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