Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 Fantastic-ness

Last night was difficult, I'm not going to lie. The cravings were BAD. But Oliver and I stuck it out. He said his blood sugar yesterday did not rise above 130! Hot dang. Got up this morning, I was a little bit dizzy but I got the juicing done for the day. (Takes me over an hour prep and clean up time). Well worth it though. I made Oliver over 72oz green juice and some raw almond milk. The bestest news of all, he woke up with a BS of 75! It hasn't been that in.. well... a long time. He then had 16 oz green juice and checked it half an hour later and it was 110. Then he had another green juice an hour later and it only went to 122. This is amazing. He cut his Lantus (long acting insulin) down to 10 units (from 20-30) and hasn't taken any Novolog (fast acting). This is all in just 1 day! Simply amazing.
I did make him some carrot/grapefruit juice JUST in case his bs drops at work.

I've made myself over 56 oz of: (for the course of the day)
Beet, carrot, grapefruit, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon and ginger

Also best thing I've heard out of Oliver's mouth today: "I'm craving a kale, avocado salad" Dude, that sounds yummy.

I feel good, I've periodically been dizzy but I just drink more water and juice and I think I'll make a dense smoothie later afternoon. I've been keeping count of our calories and nutrient intake and all looks good.


I got an email that I've been accepted into the Child Welfare  Training Advancement Program. This means up to 75% of my tuition is getting covered while I attend my MSW program. I can't even write about how excited/glad/relieved I am.

Update: 21:14. Oh man oh man oh  man. All the food in the kitchen is looking pretty sweet and literally screaming at me. I made a smoothie (a whole bag of sweet tender greens, water, frozen strawberries and some raw almond butter) but I didn't even want it, Connor had  a little bit. I drank only half of it. I've already finished my juice.. I really don't feel like breaking out the juicer again and have to clean up. So I'm gonna suck down some water and breathe through it. I made Oliver a huge smoothie (Kale, unsweetened coconut milk, flax seed meal and coconut oil) for when he gets home. I know he's going to be starving. He messaged me that his bs around dinner time was 94!!!! I'm stunned. And uber happy and this gives me the confidence to keep going. Its not like we're not going to never eat solid food again.  I feel like I need to do this also to prove to myself I can stick to what I say. And I've really wanted to do a juice/smoothie feast for a long long time. I'm interested in weighing myself, I feel kinda lighter already. I'll probably check it on Friday.

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