Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1 with my man

Despite the fact that we had to be up by 6am to drive up to Children's Hospital in Seattle for Connor, we are sticking to our guns. Oliver agreed to try my modified green juice/smoothie feast for a week. So late last night I put together tons of green juice (Broccoli, celery, romaine, lemon) for him and Carrot/Tomato/lemon for me. I also made him a large large green smoothie (spinach, protein powder and almond milk). I know technically Gabriel Cousens suggests the green juice to help reset his system but I did a calorie count and the green juice were very little. I don't want him to lose a lot of weight. Its taken him years to finally get to a good weight. Me on the other hand, lol, I'm ready to shed that baby weight. I managed to snag a box of cukes from Fred Meyers, 36 of them for 18 bucks. I'm quite happy, it will definitely help our juicing venture. It has a very tempting day as well as Connor and I headed to my parents house to hang out with Grandma and Shanelle. I did indulge in a handful of raw pine nuts (How could I not?)

So far here is my food intake:
24 oz of carrot/lemon/tomato juice (broken up in 8 oz servings)
I still have about 16 more oz that I will drink over the rest of the day
Handful of raw pine nuts
Half a coconut yogurt (non dairy) that I shared with Connor. (I just had to have a taste.. or 3)
A large spinach/banana/water smoothie
1 kombucha

So while it is not just juices/smoothies, at least it was easier to digest than an actual apple or vegan meal. We'll see how Oliver feels later. I feel tired and weak (as in I want to grab a mango or an apple or a vegan burrito or something)

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