Saturday, August 6, 2011

Loving the creamy miso garlic dressing..

I have to start this post with the admiration I have for Miss AtV and her delicious recipe. I believe I will be making a huge batch for the upcoming Guild BBQ (Yes we are dorks and I currently do not play the game). So have I been raw the last 2 days? Mostly. Vegan? You betcha. Funny thing is when I tell my brain "Go 100% raw, being vegan feels like cheating." As I write, Connor, who has been army crawling for half a month, is now pushing up onto his knees and is really gaining mobility. Why do they grow up so dang fast?

Thursday's Eats August 4, 2011

Breakfast: A couple spoonfuls of the creamy miso garlic dressing ( so darn yummy) and a green juice: Cukes, celery, golden delicious apple, kale. Also a warm cup of lemon water. Probiotic and chlorella.

Snack: Raspberries, Kombucha

Lunch: Spring salad with the dressing and a handful of Tostitos chips dipped in it

Snack: more dressing, LOL. Also a multivitamin, DHA and D2.

Dinner: I didn't log what I had for dinner and quite honestly I can not recall

Friday August 5, 2011

Breakfast: Green juice (Cuke, green apple, kale, celery) Chlorella. 

Snack: Kombucha

Lunch: Spring salad mix with that heavenly dressing

Dinner: An awesome smoothie (Kale, banana, coconut oil, raw almond butter, frozen cherries, coconut kefir). Serious yumminess.

Snack/another dinner:  A can of Amy's Black Bean Veggie soup with 2 slices of soy vegan cheddar cheese and a dollop of the dressing as a sour cream alternative. Holy guacamole. Can we say "Lick the bowl" goodness?

Today Saturday August 6, 2011

Breakfast: Super mean green juice: Cucumber, kale, romaine, parsley, lemon and GARLIC. This juice will knock your socks off (in a good way). No fruit. I was a little dizzy after drinking but I felt fabulous.

Snack: Kombucha and a carrot/lemon juice
Lunch: Spring salad with more of the fantastic dressing

Snack: Banana smothered in raw almond butter

Dinner: A can of Amy's Black Bean veggie soup with a dollop of the dressing and a handful of cherries

My plan of the attack for the rest of the night is to consume more cherries and maybe another green juice if needed. I'm still working on attaining more high rawness for weight loss reasons. I feel pretty good right now.

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