Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ani's 15 Day Fat Blast and Winning a MM product (Thank you Lauren of Ginger is the new Pink)

Ani's book is well written and has some great recipes that really inspired me. I devour health food/nutrition books and this time I decided to actually fill out the worksheets that were in it. I've actually taken to writing my thoughts/food throughout the day and one thing I can say for sure is.... typing has KILLED my handwriting. LOL.

My breakfast smoothie: Unsweetened coconut-almond milk, spinach, spirulina, strawberry-banana coconut yogurt (So Delicious indeed), chia seeds, flax meal, probiotic powder, banana and stevia

 Here is what I've handwritten thus far:

I am starting Ani's 15 day fat blast but it is difficult to write because Connor is pulling on me trying to nurse but here's to Phase 1, Day 1.

1.) I want to lose weight because I feel jiggly. I miss my old wardrobe. I miss feeling comfortable in jeans. Since giving birth to Connor the only thing I want to wear is yoga pants or pajama bottoms. I long to regain some self esteem.

2.) I need to lose weight because I need to be healthy, fit, and confident.

3.) I will allow myself to change and become healthier because I deserve it and so does my family to have a healthy, fit, and happy Jessica.

4.) I will succeed on this plan because I need to prove to myself I can follow through with my wants/needs/desires.

I'm feeling a really harsh craving for rice and vegan butter. I'm fighting my first UTI that I've had in a very long time. And I suddenly feel overwhelmed and not motivated. Connor does not like the idea of me sitting down to write and I know I have a paper that needs to be written by tomorrow. In this moment I am now questioning why I can't just have that rice and be happy. I acknowledge that I would feel bliss for those first few bites but then feel regretful and chubby. I really want to stick to this, so I am going to go create another smoothie.

Lunch smoothie: Green tea, echinacea tea, banana, orange, frozen berry blend, probiotic powder, chlorophyll drops

I'm feeling pretty triumphant. I went and had 2 tsp ACV in water and the above smoothie. Scrumpdiddlyumptious. I did have about half a cup of lightly roasted broccoli in sesame oil because I was making it for Connor. (Boy that boy can pack the broccoli and nutritional yeast away)

I just put Oliver's lunch together for work and I really wanted a spinach salad but I settled for fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and water. Yum. My sense of strength just went up another notch. 

Just got back from picking up the Jakers from school. I'm cutting class tonight as I'm still recuping from this UTI. I really want rice! So instead I made this:

Dinner Smoothie: Coconut almond milk, banana, raw almond butter, coconut oil, raw hemp seeds and a tiny bit of raw cacao. Plus a glass of ACV in water.

And this brings me up to date now, I finished helping Jake with homework, I'm nursing my constant nurser Connor and sipping this above smoothie as I try to figure out dinner for the boys and commit myself to writing that paper!!

OH and awesome news: I won a Morrocco Method hair product through Lauren from Ginger is the New Pink.


  1. i wish you all the best with your goals! your smoothies sound wonderful!