Monday, May 7, 2012

It started with a bean smoothie.

Yup you read that right. So I was trucking along with day 2 but having to make food for everyone else seriously zapped my willpower. So I decided to take a portion of the boys' meal and throw into the blender. LOL does that count? It's still a smoothie. I still had loads of fresh fruit/veggie smoothies but then around dinner time I caved to the beans. Oh How I love me some beans. I threw a cup into the blender with some sauerkraut juice and nutritional yeast. I know, I am so weird. So I didn't turn it exactly into smoothie texture but more like a delicious bean dip. It was good.

Then Saturday came and it was my beautiful sister Shanelle's 18th Birthday party. While everyone noshed on cake (I brought a vegan one for Connor). I had chips, salsa and fresh avocado. Then I may have imbibed a couple drinks and somehow at the end of the night I ended up wolfing down 2 hotdogs. I'm completely grossed out with myself.

Sunday saw us driving to Mill Creek to pick up Hanna and Ollie and then head over to Oliver's parents house for some family time. We had tons of fresh fruits and veggies. On the way home Ollie asked for fast food. He hardly EVER asks for food, usually I"m having to encourage him to eat, so we couldn't turn him down. I had curly fries.

Woke up this morning (something about Monday's) ready to get back in the swing of things, as always. I did a HUGE Costco run today. IT will be a smoothielicious day.

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