Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Nap time is fun time"

At least I think those are the lyrics to a Yo-Gabba-gabba song. Well actually my BF just informed me it's "Bath-time is fun time" but oh well, this works too.
Connor blissfully snoozing on the couch
Tonight is the last class of the quarter, yippy skippy. I should be jumping up and down for joy but I'm feeling rather blah. Its a very situational blah and I know things will get better soon. I'm just pretty worn out from having to always try and juggle/balance a family on one person's wages (wages that are very heavily garnished). And the guilt just creeps in. I feel guilty for not working. I know going to school and raising our family is "working" but monetarily I am not seeing any gains right now. I'm going to just keep swimming/trucking/hanging on.

On to less depressive issues:

Today's Smoothie:

MSM powder
Pea protein powder
Frozen Strawberries
A little bit of coconut crystals

Today's quinoa creation:

Cooked quinoa
Peas cooked in olive oil
Vegan butter
Coconut aminos

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  1. what a cutie! as a sitter, i agree with the title. and days when i come home drained and in a foul mood, john tells me to take a nap! ha!