Friday, December 9, 2011

A millioneth Day 1

  Like the new layout? It feels good. Fresh, clean, and simple. I am currently on winter break from school, yippee. Overall it was good. Stressful and crazy at times but the first quarter got my feet wet and helped me realize what needs to be worked on. I haven't blogged in forever, but hey that seems to be my pattern. One could call this crazy, this constant doing things over and over expecting change, but I just call it being stubborn. There has been a lot of ups and downs since my last post. 

Comparable to my last post, is the fact that we are all sick again. Well strike that, Connor had a day and a half of pink eye and he's back to his bouncy beautiful self. Oliver and I have pinkeye and I've been battling a really nasty cold and cough. I still feel strong as a vegetarian although I guess I would have to label myself as a pescatarian because the last 2 weeks I've introduced fish and shrimp back into my diet. Initially, it was with the thought I would try to do a modified low carb diet of fish and veggies but that lasted for all of 6 hours. Plus Oliver and I discussed adding some fish into Connor's diet for a few reasons. 

We felt that perhaps it would help relieve some stigma/anxiety from family (at least my side of the family) about protein intake. He's had a few bites of salmon and shrimp. While he doesn't turn it down, he doesn't seem overly wowed by it either. And when I say I'm adding this to my diet, I'm talking about a piece of salmon perhaps 2 times a week. I believe the addition of fish/seafood will be more for if I go out with the family I'm not so restricted in my choices. 

Now that I'm on break with no official school work/projects to be done for a couple of weeks,  I am able to look at other topics that have been neglected. Last week I was at the gym a few times but this week nada. Damn cold. I went to Wenatchee last weekend to have a quasi Thanksgiving/Xmas/multiple birthday party celebration. It was lovely. However I ingested quite the dairy cornucopia. It is so damn prevalent in products and food. It really is amazing when you try NOT to eat it. I'm done with labels "vegan, vegetarian." Pshhhaw! I'm just trying to eat the healthiest that I can with what feels right to me. Not eating meat (besides fish now) is right for me on a number of reasons; health, environment, morally.. etc.. 

My current plan of attack for this awesome break will be a combo of fresh juices, smoothies, chia seeds and some light vegan food as needed. But I am going to try to keep it more liquid as I have tons of cute skinny clothes calling (nay SCREAMING) my name. I'm not going to promise to post all my meals, although I am tracking on (I like to check my calories, nutrients etc). 

My goals for today:

  • Laundry (massive laundry day requiring a trip to the Laundromat)
  • Pick up Hanna's bday supplies
  • Take some paperwork to UWT for registration
  • Pay the phone bill
  •  Pick up Hanna and Ollie later tonight

 Halloween 2011.

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