Monday, December 19, 2011

"millions of peaches..."

This post has nothing to do with peaches but I heard it on the radio coming back from the gym and I have yet to get the chorus out of my head. I wanted to vent/spout how my day has been going and what a typical day looks like for this unemployed mama.

8:00am: Alarm goes off but I'm usually up prior to this for up to an hour before hand nursing the baby.

8:30am: By this time I have managed to get Jake dressed, fed and his lunch made. Wake Oliver to watch the baby, then out the door and dropped to school by 8:45.

9:00am: Back home, feed the puppy, put Connor in his high chair with some finger foods (chopped apples this morning) while I tidy the kitchen and prepare some fresh juice (apple/broccoli today). Then I prepare Connor's breakfast, usually fresh juice and his organic multigrain cereal. Oh yes make sure to feed myself (leftover juice from yesterday Beet, celery, green apple and a cup of chia seeds soaked in warm water). Start the laundry.

9:30am:  Clean up time, keep an eye on the puppy to make sure she uses her wee wee pad, hop in a shower with Connor. 

10:00am: We're clean and dressed. Playtime with Connor (continuously watching the puppy). 

11:00am: On to the computer to get my daily FB fix, had to send out evites for Jake's upcoming birthday party, start another load of laundry

11:30am: Connor nurses and goes down for a nap and let Oliver know I'm out the door for the gym. OH YEAH!!

12:45: Home from fusion barre. Awesome class. I didn't get to go to the gym at all last week so I"m going to make up for it this week.
1:00: Finish laundry, tidy the house, luckily the baby is still asleep. Make myself an after workout snack (plant fusion choc protein powder, MSM and unsweetened coconut milk). Hop online pay some bills and revamp the budget

2:00: So its currently this time and Connor has just awoken but Oliver says he woke up after I left for the gym and took some time going back to bed so this has been a short nap. He is a bit cranky. But he's sitting in my lap nursing now. Maybe I can convince him to nap again. If not time to get his lunch. 

2:30pm: Make lunch for Oliver, myself and baby. Pack his lunch for work.

3:15pm: Out the door with the baby and the dog to pick up Jake from school

4:00pm: At my parents to spend time with my Grandma and sisters. Make the boys dinner. Play with the boys, play with the puppy. Then have some glorious tv watching time (Dexter season finale, and Hung)

8:00pm: Go to my sisters house to hang but her husband said we couldn't have the puppy there

8:30pm: Back home, get Jake in the shower and ready for bed

9:30pm: Touched up this blog post and now about to get the baby ready for bed but he may not sleep until after 10:30. He seems pretty hyper.

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