Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday monday...

This weekend was a blur of sickness, for both Oliver and I. I feel we are just now over the pink eye and I think my cough is getting better (it doesn't hurt my chest as bad). I ate a TON of vegan choc cupcakes last night. I'm going to say that was the cure. LOL. We had the kiddos this weekend too so it was busy busy busy. Now here it is Monday, I have several errands to run. As I'm typing this both the baby and Oliver are snoring away. I guess with my nasty cold, I've been snoring louder than usual and keeping Oliver up. I juiced a lot yesterday to store up for today so I wouldn't have to have the hassle. So my morning juice consisted of swiss chard, celery, spinach and green apple. Oh so good. Today is the 12th. I'm going to weigh myself tonight at the gym (Yoga tonight) and by December 19, I want to have lost 5lbs. There is my goal. :)
Now I'm off to the UW health clinic to get my hep B shots and PPD, then to drop some things off at registration and then to the bank and then back home to do laundry and then get Jake from school. Yoga at 6:45. Sigh.

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