Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas has passed and our dwindling monetary funds have as well. There are no more fresh fruits or vegetables in the house save for one half of a grapefruit. And I know I have blogged many times over about this issue, but be that as it may, I must rant/vent again. I really wanted to do this juice feast with Caffe Dei on the 9th and I'm still hoping I can find a way to do it, but Oliver was like "We just need to stock up on Top Ramen and Macaroni and cheese." (Huge grimace on my face right now.) I'm really good at stocking up on beans, rice, soups etc but to be honest, I'm TIRED of beans and rice.

We are picking up Hanna and Ollie tomorrow so that means 2 adults, 3 children and 1 baby to feed. And seriously, I'm seriously having issues with this weight loss thing. I get so stressed out and depressed that I gravitate towards whatever is in the cupboard or whatever is at my parents house. And I'm not anywhere near vegan although I'm trying to liberate myself from labels as I have incorporated some fish back into my (and Connor's) diet.

Sometimes (Ok, a lot of the time) it is difficult to be an adult. I am searching and striving to find the best balance for the health of my family and myself and my mental well being. When I went raw a few years ago that REALLY struck a resonant chord. But there is so much clutter and stress and budgetary issues that are holding me back. I read this awesome article about our "lizard brain" hindering us from achieving greatness.

I just keep waiting (again) for that "AHA" moment and I'm able to commit and stick to my commitment.

Tonight we made vegan choc pumpkin cupcakes. This is Connor helping. He managed to de-pants me in the process!

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