Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2

0900: I actually jumped out of bed this morning ready for a huge green juice! I wasn't sleepy or grumpy, I acknowledged that I was awake and ready to go. Connor had been up off an on for the past hour and half prior to me rolling out. He was in a super good mood as well, as smiles and coos. So I left him snug with daddy and-proceeded to make about 9 cups of green juice. 4- for Oliver, 4-for me and 1-for Shanelle. Weighed myself this morning which I know is a no-no. BUT I now weigh 153.5. Today's goal is to only have 1 cooked vegan item.

15:00- About to put Connor in the stroller and walk to get Jake from school. I think we will walk to the Farmer's Market out on 6th ave as well and pick out something fresh to munch on. I ended up taking a 45 min nap as I nursed Connor. I feel Fabulous. Muscles are a little sore from the workout. And I wish I had more pears, that was the last one. It tasted heavenly.

1725: We walked about 2 miles after getting Jake from school, I had a lot of energy and it felt good to be out. For some reason I thought the Farmer's Market was on 6th but it must be way farther down than where we walked to, so we ended up at Caffe Dei and we tried a raw vegan macaroon and a kale salad.

Today's Goodies:

Breakfast: 2 cups of green juice (Kale, cucumber, celery, green apple, parsley and lemon)

Snack: 2 more cups of that juice

Workout: Jillian Michaels Last Chance Workout (HIIT)25 mins

Lunch: 2 cups of collard greens and 1 cup of veg refried beans with salsa. Connor played with the stem.. it was cute

Snack: 1 organic Anjou Pear (it was beyond delicious)

Workout: Leisurely walked 2 miles

Lite Dinner: The Kale salad at Caffe Dei (Kale, spiralized zucchini, red bell pepper, pumpkins seeds and tahini) DELICIOUSLY WONDERFUL

Snack: 2 roasted asparagus and 1 roasted brussel sprout (doh cooked!) and the rest of my kale salad

If I feel hungry later, I have a premade smoothie in the fridge. So that is my plan of attack.

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