Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3

Connor got me up at 630am  but I felt pretty energetic (weird!) so I made lots of green juice. Got Jake ready and walked him to school then came home, nursed Connor and we felt asleep until noon!! WOWSERS! Then got up and Oliver, Connor and I got lunch (veggie tofu pho) and ran some errands. Then I went grocery shopping, now I'm about to start my biology homework. I've had 1 cooked meal (lunch) and 1 cooked snack. Otherwise, all fresh and yummy.

Breakfast: 4 cups of green juice (cucumber, celery, lime, lemon, green apple, cilantro)

Lunch: Small veggie tofu pho ( I didn't eat the noodles) and 1 tofu spring roll

Snack: GT's Trilogy Kombucha and coconut juice

Dinner: About 4 cups mixed spring greens with raw pumpkin seeds, raw sesame seeds, zucchini slices and tahini (Amy's Green Goddess dressing) and some tofu slices ( I didn't eat a lot of it)

Snack: Kashi Dark Choc cherry granola bar

Exercise: 1 mile walked Jake to school

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