Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to my baby who is now 1 years old (day late)

Dear Connor,

My beautiful, awesome, superduper, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, terrific, handsome, fun, inquisitive, curiously sweet, marvelous, swell, neat, precious, splendid, astonishing, magnificent, stunning, wondrous, cuddly, snuggly son, you are a bright shiny light in our world.

  • You love to cuddle and give kisses. You even woke your dad up by kissing him sweetly (instead of whacking him in the face) a couple days ago
  • You love your family so much and your face just lights up when they are near. You practically worship your big brothers and sister. You want to do everything just like them (You know how to hold various video game console controllers, as if you were playing the game yourself)
  • You make this funny squished up face when someone is looking at you, like you are showing off how cute you are.
  • You already share, even if it is a snot/drool covered food/toy item

Gee willikers (Roly poly Olie is on), you've only just begun in the last few days to like watching kid shows but that and Yo Gabba Gabba seem to be able to hold your attention for 5 minutes, otherwise you are on the go!! Go go go! You love interaction and are most happy when someone is just sitting with you talking with you.

You love food, but seems to love mommy milk a little lot more. You can say "momma, dadda, kisses, boob, and this."

You absolutely LOVE bath time. You scream when its time to take you out.

You love just running around, you even tried to play soccer the other night at Jacob's practice.

21 weeks

7lbs 5 oz Feb 23, 2011
39 weeks

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