Friday, February 10, 2012

"You drive me crazy....

with that boooogie oooogie oooogie ooogie.."

I had to share this awesome Ween song. Today has been a Ween day. Connor is cutting 2 upper teeth and has been quite clingy and cranky so enter: THE MUSIC. I managed to get a little school stuff done this morning but not nearly what I needed to get done. One month left of this quarter and hello 3rd quarter oh and even better helloooooo SPRING BREAK! 

Oh oh oh oh. Where to account for my interesting dietary shifts lately. I've commenced a low carb attack diet. I even researched "Eco-atkins". So I felt pretty well prepared to try a vegan low carb plan. But it felt... lacking. Like I wasn't getting enough fat even though I add coconut oil to most everything and it felt really restrictive so I decided to add a smidge of cheese and some eggs and GASP.. I even had a freaking cheeseburger minus the bun (FRACK). It was gross, I'll be honest. But in that very moment I felt selfish. I want to lose this damn weight. It is stubbornly clinging. 

This lasted roughly 3 and half days and I've lost about 3 lbs but last night I had a splurge with some great gals from school and then I came home and reheated some spaghetti that I had made for the kiddos. I can't begin to even describe the pain my poor guts were in. It was hell. 

As for the low carbness with animal products, it does NOT feel right. So I'm back with a renewed vigor to make it veganized, as much as possible. I don't know where I read it on the many blogs I love to haunt but someone posted the notion about being a Flexitarian and I really really like that. I am flexible, I am adaptable, I go with the flow.. as much as possible.

This lovely above is my rendition of a broccoli/cottage "cheese" dish.

  •  Cooked broccoli with coconut oil and nutritional yeast
  • Sprouted tofu smashed with veganaise, stone ground mustard, pink himalayan salt and Galaxy cream "cheese" (which is totally absolutely DELICIOUS)
Extremely tasty:

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