Saturday, November 10, 2012

Been a while....

It's pretty frustrating to have reviewed my journal and not seen the scale go down in a very.. (very) long time. Ok Ok to be honest it may have gone up by like 2lbs. YIKES! I start each day with the best of intention..... and do really GREAT .. most of the day. For instance today looked like this:

Breakfast: Water, smoothie (Frozen mango, coconut water, raw cacao, matcha green tea powder, kale, spinach)

Snack: My special lemonade:  Water, juice of 1 lemon, apple cider vinegar, and stevia and a drop of grapefruit essential oil

Did 50 mins of Family Yoga (Connor likes to hop on our backs when we're in dogdog)

Lunch: Amy's Thai Coconut Tom Kha Phak with fresh celery and tomato chopped into it. Pretty damn good.

Dinner: Coconut milk blended with romaine and spinach and stevia. Romaine leaves stuffed with roasted red pepper hummus and sprinkled with raw pumpkin seeds.

Then all hell broke loose and my family came over to take us to Toy's R' Us and we then went to Krispy Kreme and I had 1 doughnut unglazed. THEN I came home and ate a bowl of leftover spaghetti that I made for the kiddos and I'm talking a HEFTY bowl. So here I sit here with a owie tummy and lots of remorse and guilt. Blah. So I'm slugging back the water and gonna give it a go tomorrow. AGAIN. :)

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