Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quickie morning post and honesty

This week has been a busy one. I had training in Suquamish yesterday and forgot I had class after but I went even though I really DID not want to go. The training was great, short, but insightful. Then the ICW Director took us to the casino for a buffet lunch. I wasn't so vegan there because I have not let go of my love of salmon and I had this amazing cream of spinach soup that really was delightful. Then I came home from class last night and was starving and my smoothies didn't look appealing. I heated up vegan sausages and smothered them in maple syrup. Yes this is why the weight lingers.... And now I'm up ready for another full day of training.. Connor is up literally hanging on my skirt... Breakfast and lunch are provided at the training so I'm committing myself to smoothies starting tomorrow morning. I only have supervision tomorrow for a little bit but then a full day of training on Friday and then I have to go pick up the kids in Mill Creek for the weekend. ... aghhhh had some more thoughts but now Connor is pulling my arm yelling "mommy, help." Off I go. :)

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